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Exploring the Inside Replica of the Famous Titanic

Okay, so it wasn’t the actual Titanic – but it was still interesting to explore what it would have been like inside the Titanic.

In case you hadn’t heard, there is an exhibition running in Sydney at the moment called ‘Titanic The Exhibition’. I won’t go on about it, because, well we all know the story of the Titanic. And if you don’t know the story – then where the hell have you been for the last 100 years or more LOL.


The exhibition mostly has items (in perfect condition) that were inside the sister ship of the Titanic, called the Olympic. So, nothing that was actually recovered from the shipwreck itself (not that there was overally that much to recover anyway) is on display here. Most of the items which were discovered floating around after the ship went down, are actually at the Titanic Museum in Belfast. None the less, the exhibition was still really interesting to see.

With many rooms set up to show you what it would have been like in the First Class cabins bedrooms, hallways and of course the very famous staircase in the main foyer of the ship. From start to finish, the exhibition gives you a story of how the concept of the ship came about, to its final moments, when it sunk down to the bottom of the sea.

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Even though we all know the story, the saddest part was seeing the long (very long) list of people who perished on the ship. Especially the Third Class list of people’s who were trapped, with no way of getting out. Appalling really.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the exhibition, as the items on display which include, original antique chairs, plates and clothes is pretty cool to see; even if they are from the Olympic, not the Titanic.

And as a special treat (whether you liked the movie or not), at the end of the exhibition, there is a display of some of the outfits used in the famous James Cameron film adaption of the terrible event.

A ticket will cost you around $35. You can pay at the door, but if you go on a weekend, definitely book online here, as it gets pretty busy.

(This post is not sponsored by the Exhibition)

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