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Is This The Best Asian Food in Sydney?

The Dew Drop Cafe at the Nan Tien Temple may just be one of the best Asian cafes in all of Sydney.

When I crave original and good quality vegetarian Asian food, there’s no better place than enjoying a delicious yummy lunch of rice noodle soups, shared mixed vegetable bowls or a variety of dumplings, all accompanied with a stunning herbal tea, at Dew Drop cafe.

Okay, so this cafe isn’t exactly in Sydney. though if you are heading down south for a drive one weekend, it’s not that far out of Sydney and easily one of the best places to stop in and enjoy delicious Asian cuisine.

Set amongst the beautiful oriental gardens of the Nan Tien Temple south of Sydney, the Dew Drop has had many different owners. But never have I ever found the food to sway from being delicious, tasty and with good service by the staff.

Of course, whenever I’ve visited the temple, it is always on a week day, so of course, the gardens and cafe are both fairly quiet. Meaning, service is perfect, you don’t wait long for food and you can always find a table.

I’ve heard the weekends can get crazy at Dew Drop, especially on a beautiful sunny day. So, if you can spare a weekday for a visit, I highly recommend it. And not just to get good service, but to enjoy the serenity of your surroundings whilst you enjoy a delicious and healthy Asian inspired lunch. Bliss.

The menu is mostly vegan or vegetarian, however, there are a few pork dishes for the meat lovers too. Like pork dumplings and seafood and pork soup. Me, I always take the vegan or at least the vegetarian option, which is loaded with delicious veggies and absolutely mouth watering.

The price range starts from around $9 for say 4-6 dumplings, depending on what you order. With some seafood yum cha items being $10 for 3-4 serves. Mains, which are either a rice dish or noodle soup dish start from around $13, but big enough to share if you want to try a few different things.

If you go, make sure to check out there herbal tea range, which is sublime.

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