The Importance of a Good Work and Study Space

Desk refresh: setting up an inspirational workspace to keep me motivated.

Whether it’s your personal space for studying, working, shopping online, managing bills, or watching your fave tv show. Having a fabulous desk space set up with all your favourite things, is it important to keep you happy and motivated.

It’s so important to have space which can both inspire you and motivate you throughout the day to study harder or work harder. For me, it’s both. And around Springtime, I always do a bit of a refresh around my desk space to help power through the end of the year.

I can’t believe I’m already discussing the end of the year here, insane. But, Christmas is around the corner and approaching faster as each day goes by. Obviously.

For me, I like to have space where I work and study, which includes a few inspirational and motivational quotes, pictures and even some of my favourite family photos. These help me power through the day, knowing I’m not just trying to achieve what I am every day for me, but for everyone around me also.

I won’t bore you with too many details, but here are a few things I’ve added to be workspace rehash for Spring.

Starting with stationary, I’ve opted to go get some new stationery as I was WAY overdue for pens which worked a stapler which staples properly and a variety of other bits and pieces, like post-it notes and note pads. But, you don’t have to spend big for decent stationery. I love hitting up Kmart for some incredible things. In fact, most of what I’ll be going through today is from Kmart.

And no, this post wasn’t sponsored by Kmart in any way LOL. I just love shopping there. Don’t you? They have really stepped up over the last two years, selling an amazing variety of homewares and I can’t get enough.

Kmart is currently selling the cutest message board I’ve ever seen. It essentially a wire rack of sorts, with two leather straps attached for hanging. And I love it, as my previous corkboard where I stored all my inspirations and a cute little calendar, which was stuck on with metallic pins was a safety risk to my cat. I was forever chasing him after he stole a pin from the wall, super worried he was going to eat the dangerous pin and in end up at the vet.

With this new message board, I can clip everything on using bulldog clips. So not only does everything stay better anyways, and never fall off. It doesn’t matter how hard the cat tries, he just can’t seem to get the clips off LOL. Winning!

I was also sick of having the cat toys laying around the place, so I found the cutest pineapple-shaped storage basket for my cat’s accessories. And of course, to help keep me healthy and relaxed whilst working and studying, I have my amazing Oil Garden oil diffuser on my desk, for days when a candle scent just won’t cut it. Normally when I’m feeling run down and need an immunity boost.

I’m pretty happy with my little newly refreshed workspace, and I do believe I have been both studying and working harder since I rehashed it all. Whether it’s all the end or not, I don’t know. Either way, if it works, why not try it yourself and see how the outcome is.

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