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I Did Yoga in a Room Filled with Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

Saltuary is a fabulous Himalayan Salt Rock inspired wellness centre in Five Dock who put on a salt yoga class a few times a week, and it’s amazing.

If you’re wondering what Salt yoga is, I’ll first describe what this amazing wellness centre is like.

The moment you walk into Saltuary, you are invoked by the ambient orange glow which fills every space of the centre. Nearly every wall has been made and build using Himalayan Salt Rock bricks, which have been cleverly lit from inside.

From the treatment rooms, the halls, the waiting room and the chill out room, each room glows from the interior Himalayan Salt Rock design, creating an unusually tranquil, harmonising and rejuvenating space throughout.

I’ve been to the centre a few times now, for a massage, to try their infrared sauna and to try their Salt Yoga. You can read that story here.

Salt Yoga is held in a room created by salt – literally. All four walls have been made with Himalayan Salt Rock bricks and the floor is completely covered with a few inches thick worth of Himalayan Salt rocks. Yes, that’s right, the whole floor is salt too.

Five minutes before the class starts, Himalayan Salt which is flushed through water, is then misted through the air, filling the room with a very fine salty mist, which coats your skin and is breathed through the lungs.

Breathing the air in the salt room felt similar to being at the beach. You could feel and taste the salt throughout the whole class and it wasn’t overpowering at all.

As a long term sufferer of respiratory infections, I instantly felt relief from the clean salty air, which made breathing very easy for me, especially whilst doing the yoga class.

And although I was worried the uneven floor surface of salt rocks beneath my feet would hinder my balance, I found it far easier to hold yoga poses, as the tiny salt rocks moulded around my feet and my body, giving me the extra comfort and support I needed to hold the poses longer.

The experience was amazing and one I will never forgot. I will definitely be booking myself in for another class in the near future.

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