The Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna

I tried Infrared Sauna for the first time and felt absolutely amazing afterwards.

I’ve never actually a fan of saunas, as I am a little claustrophobic and I don’t like extreme heat. So, I have probably only ever tried a sauna once in my lifetime.

The idea of sitting in a confined space where steam continues to rise around me really turns my stomach. Though, I have never really been an extreme heat kind of gal anyway. I do prefer the cold.

However, the idea of sitting in a neat and comfortable space where no hot air or steam is being blown around a room sounded far more appealing to me, which essentially is what an Infrared Sauna is.

To try out this fab new experience everyone is talking about, I went to Saltuary at Five Dock in Sydney. Ive been to Salturary before, when I tried there Salt Yoga, which is doing yoga in a room filled with Himalayan Salt. I will share that experience with you next week.

The infrared sauna at Saltuary is more than just an ambient space. Lined with beautiful Himalayan Salt Bricks creating a soft amber glow throughout the room. It;s a relaxing space with enough room for you to exit the sauna and still chill in a beautiful space.

And if you need a break from the heat, you can crack open the door and let a little cool air in, or even take a seat outside of the sauna. A key benefit when you have a full private room all to yourself.

The sauna is super comfortable and you can even take your phone inside, with a docking station to connect and play your very own tunes whilst chilling in the sauna. There’s a large mix of magazines to read, or you can take your own book. Without the risk of any them being damaged from hot air and steam.

I was comfortable enough throughout the whole fifty minutes of the treatment and only opened the door slightly towards the end of the treatment.

Afterward, I felt completely refreshed and renewed, even though I was a little sweaty and needed a shower. My skin looked amazing, all dewy, glowing and fresh. I did drink two litres of alkaline water throughout the experience, which was provided by Saltuary. Which no doubt played a huge part into why my skin was glowing also. It’s amazing what some extra litres of water can do to the body LOL.

Infrared heat has nothing to do with ultraviolet rays, so the saunas are completely safe to use regularly, without the risk of causing any skin damage.

It works by sending infrared heat wave technology throughout the body, heating you from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Which is way easier to deal with and far better for the body.

I highly recommend anyone to try it, best detox ever and excellent way to recover from any sore muscles or injuries.

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