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Bowral Eats: Dining at Hickory’s Restaurant

Experienced my first five-dish degustation meal at Hickory’s Restaurant in Bowral.

Whilst staying at Peppers Craigieburn Hotel in Bowral, I tried my very first degustation dinner, of five delicious dishes at Hickory’s Restaurant.

The restaurant, of course, is not exclusive to guests only, it is open to the public and offers a seasonal menu of delicious fresh foods and produce from all the surrounding farms.

Though I do recommend a stay at the hotel, as the room is reasonably priced for a one or two-night stay and this way if you do decide on the degustation meal, you won’t need to worry about driving anywhere afterwards. Because well, after eating five dishes and complimentary wine, who would want to drive when you can walk upstairs (or down the corridor) back to your room.

The five-course degustation dinner started with a homemade gazpacho; which is an Italian tomato-based soup traditionally served cold, before moving onto a second course which was a salad made with fresh herbs and vegetables grown in the hotel’s very own garden out back.

The third course consisted of a delicious plate of perfectly seared scallops and served on crackers with fresh avocado.

For the fourth course, there was an option for either the steak or salmon. I favoured the salmon, where my partner opted for steak. Both dishes were cooked to perfection and equally pleasing.

For the fifth and final course of the five-course degustation dinner, dessert was served. It was a strawberry inspired panna cotta which was so fluffy and soft, I could have eaten more than just one.

Peppers Craigieburn in Bowral is the perfect spot for a weekend getaway, especially during winter. Where many people try to escape the cold, I prefer to head down south, where I can sit by the fire in a cosy hotel, taste the local wine and dine on exquisite food, which is normally made from all the local produce.

The accommodation is very comfortable, with fresh new furnishings, surrounded by an earthy ambient atmosphere. And of course, stunning gardens also, to enjoy at your leisure when you want to take some downtime and take a walk or sit and read somewhere.

Hickory’s was equally as impressive at the hotel, with friendly staff and ambient surroundings and well-prepared food which tasted amazing. I would recommend this restaurant as a place to go when you’re travelling through or staying at Bowral.

Staying in the southern highlands, especially in Bowral is always such a treat. The surrounding landscape is incredibly picturesque any time of the year, no matter the season. Though I always tend to favour either Autumn or Winter.

The beautiful Craigieburn Hotel in Bowral
The delicious dessert served at the end of the degustation dinner.

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