The Health Benefits of Breathing Salt Air

Being by the sea air is good for your health and here’s why:

Research has shown the sound of the waves can alter the patterns of brain wave activity, resulting in the brain lulling you into a deep state of relaxation.

Here are four benefits to your health when sitting by the sea.

Benefit One: It clears the mind

The touch of sand and the smell of
a seaside breeze leads to relaxation
, helping to ease the mind and ease the body. This ultimately leads to the body being in a complete meditative state which is great for healing, stress relief and can even ease the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Benefit Two: Can fight off bacteria

Whether you are sitting by the beach and breathing the salt air or swimming in the sea, either way as the body begins to absorb the salt air and water, it works to fight off any bacteria on the skin and in the body. This is also great when trying to fight off and recover from any colds and flu.

Benefit Three: Boosts happy hormones

The sea air is charged with negative ions, which has been shown to increase happy hormones, aka: serotonin levels, which results in feeling happier, less stressed and even aids in reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression (as mentioned early). This means, feeling better, more at ease and even sleeping well.

Benefit Four: General health and wellbeing

Saltwater is charged with vital minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, which is great for making the body feel better and even heal faster after being sick, run-down, stressed, or when your recovery from surgery. A swim in the ocean recharges the body’s energy levels, whilst breathing in the salty air, opens the lungs and allow for better blood flow and oxygen flow throughout the body.

There are loads more reasons why sitting by the sea, or swimming in the sea is good for you. And I could have gone on to share many more key benefits, but these were my favourite four.

What are your plans today? Maybe a sit or swim in the sea is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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