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Why Yoga Is Good For You

Yoga is not only great for achieving optimal physical health, it is also great for your mental health to.

If you’ve been following my blog you would’ve read several blogs about my spiritual jourey with yoga l, where I talked about how I first started yoga as a way of achiving better physical strenth and health to support me through a multitude of back, hip and neck issues I had been dealing with most of my life.

However, what started out as a journey of physical wellbeing ended up being one of a more spirutal and mental wellbeing journey instead.

Here are five key benefits of doing yoga and why I recommend; pretty much everyone really, to start a journey of their own with yoga.

Works to reduce stress:

Yoga is about being made self aware of everything. When I say everything, I mean from the way your brain thinks, the way in which the small and unimportant things take up way too much brain space and how it all effects your nervouse system. Even when you don’t think you’re stressed, I guarantee within five minutes of starting a yoga class, you will realise how stressed you really are and what sort of daily baggage you are carrying in your nervous system.

Helps to strengthen the body:

Outside of mental wellbeing, yoga is ideal for strengthen the body without using weights, vigerous exercise such as running or boxing and works to develop inner core muscles strength to support the body. Similiar to Pilates, yoga is about using your own body weight to work the muslces, massage the organs deep within the body and stretch out any knots and stress carried from the day.

Can help heal a head cold:

Although there has been no real science to back this theory, there have been studies conducted where there is evidence of yoga helping to cure a common head cold. Unlike other excercises, yoga can be both soft and hard on the body; depending on the type of class you do, and works to release te body of any toxins by circulating blood and oxygen through the body. This help your body to open up the lungs and release any mucas and help clear out the bacteria causing you to feel sick.

Makes you feel more grounded:

Whether you believe it or not, most of us on a daily basis are so busy and caught up with technology and other life stresses, we rarely feel grounded to the earth, which leaves us feeling airy and floating around aimsley and almost lost, especially when living in a big city. Feeling grounded is important for metnal stability in life, as it help you deal with stress and keeps you calm in high stress situations. Yoga reconnects your spirit back to the ground helping you to deal with life a little better.

Make new friends:

Okay, so this one is going to sound a little srange, but believe it or not, yoga is a great way to meet many like-minded people. Because, well let’s face it, you are starting your yoga journey for better mental and physical health right. Much, like joining a boxing gym or fitness gym, you will always start making new friends with people who are on the same journey as you. Yoga is the same. Often most people start yoga (like me) to gain better physical wellbeing and end up finding themselves on a spiritual journey instead and when you make this journey with like-minded people in the class, you are bound to make new friends along the way.


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