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Astrological Readings: Learning How to Read My Face Lines

Have you ever wondered if the lines in your face mean something like the lines on your hands?

Well they do, according to many astrologers and other palmistry experts. The lines on the face are similar to that of the lines on your hand. They tell story of your past, your present and your future. If you believe in that sort of thing of course.

For me, I have always thought there is definitely some truth in all the lines on the hands and the face, whether that be spiritually or not. I do think our bodies tell us the secrets we are seeking in life. It’s just matter of whether you listen or not.

Let’s go over the main lines of the face. Where they are located, what they mean and how to interpret them.

SOLAR LINE: Represents personality, energy and longevity – This line is located in the centre of your forehead. Once you have found your solar line, it will be easier to discover the other important lines, If the solar line is prominent on the forehead, it means vitality is strong. If it not too overpowering or unbroken you’re destined for success.

VENUS LINE: Represents sociability, love and romance – A little below the solar line, you will see the Venus line. This line represents beauty and love. If the line is clear, it will bring you much good fortune. If the other lines cross the Venus line, it may result in possibles riches and fortune.

LIFE LINE: Represents Energy, longevity and power – Also known as laugh lines, these can tel you about your health, life force and longevity. Long and evenly formed life lines will bring you longevity and luck. When the lines are long and reaching to the chin, your life lines indicate good luck. However, if your life lines are long and curve upwards, you will lead an active life in your old age.

MARS LINE: Represents energy and power – This line is found above the solar line. If present, this line drives energy, courage and ambition. As a result, you may be prone to having a fiery relationship. Especially if the line bus broken.

MERCURY LINE: Represents communication, intelligence and imagination – Located directed below the Mercury line, this marking means great intelligence, communication and social skills. Especially when well-formed. An upward curve of this line is a marking of luck in life. If the line is broken into three parts this could mean great communication skills and a sense of humour.

JUPITER LINE: Represents wisdom, luck and money – Higher above the forehead is the Jupiter line. This line represents a high level of integrity, wisdom and spirituality. If prominent, it may also mean you could acquire a large amount of money in your life.

THE EYE LINES: Represent joy and decision making – The lines around your eyes, also referred to as the crows feet, indicate both happiness and stress in life. Soft lines which go out from the eye show a joyful life. If these lines get deeper, it can indicate a sign of stressful life with a lot of tension and decision making.

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