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How to Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Five easy ways to help you practice mindfulness on a daily basis.

The health benefits of mindfulness are well known. But in a busy lifestyle, it can be challenging to include a small amount of mindfulness into your routine every day.

What do you think of when you think of mindfulness? You might automatically assume it means you need to start yoga (or do more yoga), or meditate more. In0-fact mindfulness can be practice in a variety of ways and it can all be done in the comfort of your own home. No extra yoga classes or meditation is required.

Mindfulness is the art of becoming more aware and conscious of your body, your feelings, your mind and the thoughts of yours and others. In otherwise, it’s creating awareness of how you wish to be, or what you achieve to be. And not in a successful business like way. More of a spiritual (not religious), mental and health kind of way.

Check out these five easy ways to include more mindfulness into your daily routine.

Do a Puzzle:

We seldom reach for a puzzle these days, and most of us have so many hiding at the back of a cupboard somewhere I’m sure. Doing a puzzle can be very therapeutic and a fun way to kill some time with friends and family over a glass or two of your favourite wine. My new favourite thing is to watch reruns of my favourite movies whilst doing a puzzle with a glass of wine, it’s a great way to recharge the mind.

The company of young people is folding the image. On the table they have puzzles and stand glasses with alcoholic beverages. They have fun playing a game.

Painting or Colouring:

You don’t have to be an artist to paint or colour in. In-fact most art and craft stores sell great paint by numbers kits to help you get started on ways to paint better. And of course, there are loads of colouring in books for adults in books stores and news agencies. I have always travel with a colouring in book, as it’s a great break when on a long plane trip and you can’t watch any more television than you already have.

A closeup of an artist with a brush painting a picture

Smell the Roses:

Scents have long been known for their therapeutic capabilities, with many bringing back either fond past memories, moment of peace and so on. you don’t need a garden of roses or any other flower for that matter to help you enjoy the many scents around you. I like to carry around my favourite mix of essential oils, so I can have a little smell when I’m feeling anxious or stressed.


Have you been sitting down for too long? Stand up and stretch, take a small walk and then make yourself a tea of coffee and let the blood flow. Sitting down for prolonged periods of time (much like standing for prolonged periods of time) is no good for the oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, it can lead to stress, tight muscles and blockages.

Music Exercise:

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to exercise. Music exercise is when you use certain types of music to create different emotions in the body. For example, up beat music might make you more productive and work harder, rock might make you want to kick back and have a chat with someone, and soft tranquil music can help you to find peace and relaxation. All it takes is thirty minutes. Find a quiet spot, sit to lay in a comfortable position and play a song which helps you relax and unwind for thirty minutes.

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