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Exploring the Williamson’s Tunnels of Liverpool

England is such a mysterious country. From it’s medieval castles to its uncharted tunnels beneath the surface of the ground.

There’s always something wonderous to explore there. The Williamson’s Tunnels are such a wonder.

Discovered in Edge Hill of Liverpool city in the tunnels are a labyrinth of mystery, which was supposedly built by the wealthy and eccentric businessman Joseph Williamson between 1810 and 1840.

There they remained derelict and filled with rubble, until they were discovered and opened for archaeological study and now opened to the public to explore.

There has been much rumor and speculation as to why William built the tunnels in the first place, as no documentation linking to why they were built has ever been discovered.

Conspiracies from slave trading to tobacco smuggling are just some of the stories on why they were built. I have no ghostly tales to tell of these tunnels, but I did enjoy my visit to the site where I wandered through many of the opened pathways, to see, hear and explore what was opened to the public.

We may never learn the real reason to why the tunnels were built. Either way, it’s still a fascinating place to visit, if you’re ever passing through Liverpool.


Old items discovered whilst excavating the tunnel


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