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I Drunk Nothing But Alkaline Water For Three Days Straight

Aqua Love is the new alkaline water which is flavoured, filled with antioxidants and tastes absolutely delicious.

I spent a fabulous morning soaking up some vitamin D at the beautiful Rosebay Marina to celebrate the launch of the new alkaline water called Aqua Love. I walked away with three bottles of love and then spent the next three days drinking nothing but alkaline water and the results were absolutely amazing.

Up until that point, I’d only had alkaline water every now and then, alongside drinking normal water. So, I wanted to conduct my own personal experiment, drinking nothing but alkaline water and no plain water for three days straight.

The reasoning behind this? Well, I have been fighting off bronchitis for more than a month now and when I went in for my DMK alkaline and enzyme facial last week, my therapist told me I should be drinking alkaline water as the bacteria keeping me sick would die off, seeing as it can’t survive in high PH.

Being alkaline water. Like a swimming pool really. You need to balance the alkaline ph levels of the pool to stop bacteria growing in it. Same as the body.

I can’t believe such a simple concept had escaped me. And lucky for me, I just happen to be attending the launch of Aqua Loves alkaline water launch two days later.

This was the result:

Instant relief. Not o my did my bronchitis start to finally leave (note, I haven’t been on antibiotics for more than three weeks for the record), but my cough was starting to ease, I was breathing better and I was even sleeping better. Mostly impart from not coughing as much. I also noticed my skin clearing, I felt lighter after drinking a full glass of the alkaline water. Where normally I’d fill bloated and heavy after drinking a glass of plain water.

I genuinely felt revitalised with improved health within one full day of drinking alkaline water. By the third day, I felt simply amazing and couldn’t believe the results.

And here’s the thing, I haven’t had a chance to get to the shops to purchase some more of this amazing water, so it’s been about three days since I stopped drinking alkaline water.

And guess what? My aches and pains are back, my cough has returned and I feel tired and run down. So tell me, is this just a coincidence? Or is there really something in drinking alkaline water on a daily basis.

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