Bedroom Refresh: Spring Inspired Bedding & Decor

It’s time to bounce into Spring with new bedding, fresh home decor and a good cleanout.

Spent a relaxing weekend sorting, dusting, cleaning and refreshing the bedroom with spring-inspired decor and bedding and sorting clothes for donating to charity.

And yes, I did it was relaxing to clean out the bedroom and cleanse away winter for Spring. I’ve always felt fairly happy and content with cleaning out houses when it’s spring cleaning month. Where some find the whole process very exhausting and stressful, I find it more therapeutic and it’s a great way to de-clutter too.

I throw out rubbish, collected over the past year. I clear out clothes, shoes, bags and accessories and donate to charity, and I even look at e tea towels and blankets I no longer need and donate to the local RSPCA so they can use for bedding for the animals and the old towels are often used for washing drying dogs after washing.

Of course, it does take time to go through a whole house and spring clean, so I find starting with the bedroom is the best way to get motivated. Bedrooms are a lot easier to clean and de-clutter as I find you are mostly only dealing with knick-knacks, clothes and any additional smaller items stored in the bedroom.

Where other rooms, like laundries, kitchens and especially bathrooms can accumulate more items over a year.

Starting with the bedroom, once I’ve cleaned out everything I always find finishing off with new bedding, or old if you already have a nice collection of mixed bedding to polish off all the hard work you’ve just done.

I have a variety of different bedding themes, one for each season, with my summer bedding generally being that of a Christmas theme. However, I have only just recently included a spring-inspired quilt cover to my collection. For the last few years, I have been searching high and low for a quilt cover with a print of beautiful palm leaves from all different species of palms (and ferns). But I could never find the right one. Until recently.

I found the perfect one in Kmart of all places and it only cost me $18 WINNING! It’s also reversible with a lovely summery print on the other side, so if I decide not to run with my Christmas themed bedding for too long, I can easily transition to my Spring bedding and use the other side.

I already had sheets which matched the quilt cover, so all I needed to polish off my look, was a bed head. Another item I have been searching all over for, and had not yet found the right one. Until now. Again, I found the perfect bed head in Kmart for $79 AMAZING! I was so surprised at the how good the quality was for the new quilt and the bed head and how amazing my bedroom now looks for spring.

With freshly inspired decorated bed side tables, clean spaces, de-cluttered shelves and new bedding, I’m ready for Spring and ready to start cleaning other parts of the house. Best stop is the kitchen. So stay tuned on how that worked out.

This post was not sponsored by Kmart.

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