Aussie botanical plant power

Aussie Plant Power – The Best Ingredients For Your Skin Care

These are some of the most powerful Aussie plants which will help you achieve youthful skin.

For more than sixty thousand years, the Aboriginals of Australia used their own practices off healthcare and healing, enjoying excellent health, which was largely free from the burden of modern diseases.

Many of these practices also gave them clear and well balanced skin, capable of handling the harsh climate of Australia.

Though nothing new, with many Australian beauty brands using a variety of rich Aussie botanicals and essential oils in their products already for good skin health.

I thought I’d make mention to four foods you should keep an eye out for in beauty products, as they will help you achieve your best skin yet.

Kakadu Plum: This has the highest potency of vitamin C of any fruit in the world. So it’s great to both eat and use in your skincare. Found in the drier areas of Australia, it perhaps the most versatile fruit as it can be used for almost anything. It’s antiviral, anti-inflammatory, brightening, and if eaten it can boost the efficiency of organs and help fight off the common cold.

Quandong: Also known as wild peach, is a sweet and tangy fruit. It’s used for both food and medicine and is found varying skincare products, for it’s vitamin C benefit, antioxidants, magnesium, iron and calcium properties. Tip: If you crush this fruit down and turn into a paste, it also makes an effect remedy for toothaches.

Strawberry Gum: This is a type of eucalyptus is very high in antioxidant. So, great for combating the effects of a harsh Australian climate. It’s also anti-fungal too, with high antibiotic properties and great for skin inflammation and redness. And can also help with healing blemishes. You can either chew the fruit, or for some beauty brands, the extract of the pulp is added into serums and oils to help heal acne.

Boab: Containing large amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin C, Vitamin A and potassium, there is simply nothing this magical leaf can’t do. It’s a unique looking tree and well known throughout Australia. It’srarely found in botanical skincare. However, it can be used at home as an alternative to spinach leaves, as it will help keep the gut clean and clear, which intern will reflect on the skin too.

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