What is hand yoga?
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What is Hand Yoga? And How It Can Help You

Hand yoga, otherwise known as yogic mudras, is where you use specific hand signs to evoke certain energies into the body.

They can be practiced while seated, lying down or when walking. Mudras are a way of symbolising to the body, it’s time to let the good energies flow, to help charge up certain areas of the body, such as the heart, the gut, the mind, the third eye and varying other key points of the body.

For first time mudras practice, I would suggest that you lay down, or at least prop your body up against a wall. This way, you can take comfort in holding positions for longer, using mudras to draw energies into the body.

So why meditate?

The benefits of meditation include a greater sense of relaxation in both the mind and the body. It can also help you increase flexibility of the mind, in thinking. Many people claim they come up with their best ideas, and even business concepts, when they meditate.

Check out these seven mudras for meditation to help you heal your mind and body.

Prana Mudra:

This hand pose will energise the heart, improve the functioning of the lungs and eyesight, and help revitalise the body.

Shunya Mudra:

This pose will help strengthen the heart and gum muscles. It will also help relieve toothaches and earaches and help to regulate thyroid gland functions and reduce the symptoms of deafness and vertigo.

Gyan Mudra:

Use this hand pose to purify the mind, improving intelligence and wisdom. It can also assist with lifting the mood and relieve insomnia and depression, providing a feeling of joy.

Prithvi Mudra:

This mudras can help cure weakness in the body and mind, increase the life force and will help with grounding the body for peace of mind.

Apan Mudra:

Use this hand pose to cleanse and purify the body, and facilitate the discharge of waste (helpful during that time of the month). It’s also great for removing negative energy from the body.

Varun Mudra:

This hand position will help improve circulation and skin quality and prevents dehydration and urinary problems.

Surya Mudra:

This mudras will generate a lot of body heat, which is great for aiding in digestion and weight control. It can also help relieve health problems such as diabetes and regular cholesterol levels and liver imbalances.

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