the health benefits of a siesta

A Day Nap Might Be Exactly What You Need

There’s a reason why many cultures around the world take siestas in the early afternoon. Day naps have proven to help lift your mood and boost your productivity.

It seems like everyone you speak to in the modern world today is tired. Tired and lacking the type of energy needed to get them through each and every single day.

In-fact people are so tired, that sleeping and sleep related issues have become one of the most conversed about subjects between people. With nearly one out of ten people (at least) complaining about sleep problems.

There is so much stigma associated with sleeping in the day, or taking an afternoon siesta, with a misconception it’s a sign of laziness. But it’s not. In-fact a simple google search will show you loads of articles where it has been researched extensively the health benefits of taking a day nap when needed.

Of course, it’s always easier said than done. And if you’re working full time during the week, you may think it’s impossible for you to find ways on how to get some R&R in the day.

But there are ways to incorporate a little day nap here and there. Yes, even when you work full-time.

Yoga and Meditation:

There are two options you can take here, depending how long you have in your lunch break.

If you have an hour for lunch, search for a yoga or meditation centre nearby who offer forty-five minute sessions around lunch time.

There are many who do. Make sure to choose a class which is slow relaxation, which allows your body to rest and your mind to recharge.

If you only have thirty minutes left, download a meditation app and find somewhere chilled like a park or a quiet room, where you can do a quick ten minute meditation to rest the body and mind.


If you travel on public transport for work, try using music as a way of using your time on train (or the bus) to rest and recharge before work work or after work on the ay home.

The nap times may seem a little out of sorts with your standard siestas, but they will help you feel a little more charged for the day if you have a quick nap in the morning, or help you get through the evening.

Try setting an alarm for ten minutes to go off and wake you up so you don’t miss your stop. And if you have trust issues with other commuters, make sure to pick a safe seat, and keep your personal items close.

I would always wear sunglasses if I needed to take a nap whilst on public transport. That way no one would actually know if I was sleeping or not.

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