The Best Scents for a Virgo Star Sign

Are you a virgo star sign? Want to know which scent is best for you this month? Then read on to find out what your best scent is.

Today we talk about the best scents for the most feminine star sign there is: Virgo.

Different essential oils and fragrances match certain personalities, just as some hair colours or eyeshadow shades suit different people, depending on their skin tone and facial features.

Scents can have the same effect, as different fragrances suit different people, and more often than not, this is determined by their personality.

Although we all have individual personalities, in some part those of us who share the same star sign, all have very similar personality traits.

For example, if you are a virgo then you will no doubt share similar personality traits with other Virgos, such as being organised, opinionated and motivated.

So, although we are all unique, we are in fact similar in some part. Which explains why we all suit certain scents which enhance these personality traits, linked by our star sign.

For the Virgo, you are a perfectionist and you love to investigate new beauty ideas. Scents perfect for you include vanilla, vetiver and lavender.

These are the fragrances which enhance the star sign of Virgo:

Star Sign Scents – Virgo

Made with distilled water, cedarwood, patchouli, lavender, vetiver, rosemary, peru balsam, geranium, bergamot and wild orange, this scent has been expertly created for the Virgo, to enhance their personality and vibe.

Grace by Grace Coddington

Cats and Virgos – what a perfect match. If I do say so myself as a cat lover LOL. Bergamot brings a hint of freshness mixed with vetiver, cashmere wood, white musks and amber crystals. Divine.

Elizabeth Arden – Always Red

A luxurious scent and perfect for night time, with opening bright spring notes of pear and lemon, the feminine scent settles on a base of Vanilla, Moss and Patchouli.

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