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Busting the Myths on Being Vegan

There are plenty of misconceptions about vegans on who they are and what they eat. Let’s bust some of those myths.

Truth be told, I am half a vegan. If that’s a thing. Most days of the week, I am one. But when I am feeling low in energy (generally a creation of a busy lifestyle and stress), I turn to seafood as a way of boosting my protein levels and helping lift my mood and my attitude.

I also struggle with chicken and from time to time I will eat this as well.

Being a complete vegan does take time, and a lot of food prep and organisation to better cultivate the right type of diet to help you manage your health right and not replace good foods with bad foods.

With more than two millions Australian now living a meat-free life, and the demand for more vegan produce increasing too accommodate such a large number, I thought I would chat briefly about the key benefits of being a vegan.

Whether that’s to be one at one hundred percent, or at around eighty percent like me. Either way, adding more plant-based foods into your diet never really hurt anyone now did it?

Myth 1: Don’t vegans just eat salad?

Vegan don’t restrict themselves to just eating salad. They also eat roasted vegetables and love a good creamy pasta, pizza and burger like anyone else. The difference is, these foods are generally dairy and meat free and packed full of yummy vegetable goodness. Can you say Lentil Burger – YUM! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Myth 2: How do you get protein into your diet?

This is the most common issue most people transitioning into veganism face. How do they up the anti on protein, an essential ingredients for sustaining optimum health on all levels. Protein can be found in chickpeas, beans and spinach, with each one holding more protein than a single chicken breast. Oh and don’t forget yummy mushrooms too.

Myth 3: Isn’t being a vegan an expensive lifestyle?

This is only half true. Where some breads that are vegan and made without any dairy are generally rather pricey compared to normal bread, eating a high vegetable and fruit diet is actually cheaper than eating meat. As meat is more expensive. So, the price of a general vegan shop compared to a non-vegan shop is actually fairly compatible, if not a little cheaper as a vegan as you are mostly buying fruits and veggies.

Myth 4: Why do you eat meat substitutes if you are vegan?

This is the most controversial topic with vegans, as there is a major spill between the vegan community. There are those who can’t stand the smell or taste of meat and then there are those who don’t mind the smell and Tates, however, choose to not eat it out of either health or humane reasons. This is where the community is split. Generally you will find the vegans who chose not to eat meat, but aren’t bothered by the smell or taste are happy to eat mock meat dishes. Where the other side of the vegan community, won’t go near it.

Myth 5: Why aren’t all vegans a size 6?

People come in all shapes and sizes and although most vegans are well shaped and able to control weight a lot easier as they generally stick to a low carb (meaning no breads or pasta dishes) heavy vegetable diet, everyone has a different body and always will. Same goes for anyone who isn’t vegan. Remember, you can get very skinny people who eat meat too you know.

Myth 6: Why do vegans think they are better than anyone else?

This isn’t true – well in most part it isn’t. Let’s look at the reality of the situation first. you can’t deny there are always going be people who think they are better than anyone else, whether they eat meat or don’t eat meat. I can name a few people who eat meat who think they are better than anyone else, and yes the same goes for some vegans too. However, this isn’t because of their diet, this is because of their personality. Remember that.

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