the benefits of crystals in your skincare

Which Crystal Does What In Your Skincare

Different crystals do different things for your skin, here’s a rundown of the most common and how they can help you.

Like with any ingredient, different crystals do different things, and you need to do your research first on what works for you and your skin type, before using any product which has been infused with crystals.

And, as such with any product, you should always patch test before applying to your skin, whether that be on your body or your face. Cause you just don’t know how it respond. And don’t be deceived by the idea that applying crystals won’t cause any skin irritations. Because they can.

From headaches, to inflammation and rashes, there are a host of different issues which can arise from using crystal infused skincare products – especially if you have sensitive skin.

However, when used right, they crystal infused beauty can do wonders for the skin. Such as Malachite for example, which is believed to combat UV damage on the skin, by raising the level of glutathione (master antioxidant) of the skin.

But what of the science behind using crystals in your skincare?

Well there is loads of research online about how crystals can help you, and of course our ancient ancestors all used crystals for healing and for other varying uses. But there is no real science to back it. Most of the scientific studies related to crystals is related to more physics than that of health, or skincare.

Like that of crystals being able to charge electricity and create power and even emit light like a torch.

And when you view crystals as a conductor, then the rationale make sense, that crystals would as a conduit for healing, helping cells to throve on an energetic level. Allowing for positive energy to flow into the body, whilst pushing out all the negative ones.

Many informed beauty experts agree. From Kora, Aveda, Herbivore, The Body Shop and even Glossier, all boast a variety of skincare products which contain crystals to help you achieve good skin.

To help you make a more informed decision on what sort of crystal you should be using in your skincare, below is a quick and easy guide to follow on what crystal does what in your skincare:

  • DETOXIFY: Amethyst, Ruby and Emerald
  • CALM THE SKIN: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Emerald
  • ACNE: Amethyst, Ruby and Moonstone
  • DEEP CLEANSE: Malachite, Emerald and Rose Quartz
  • ANTI-AGEING: White Tourmaline, Rose Quartz and Diamond
  • RADIANCE: Moonstone and White Tourmaline
  • ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS: Clear Quartz, Jade, Turquoise and White Tourmaline

Remember though, as I mentioned, do always patch test some of the product on a part of your skin to ensure you don’t react to the crystal infused beauty.

Stay tuned for my beauty recommendations next Friday.

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