What’s In My Makeup Bag

Sharing my secret arsenal of beauty products by telling you wants in the bag.

I never leave home without it, my makeup bag is my lifeline. Filled with multiple lip balms, ear cleaners and bobby pins for emergencies. There’s even a travel hand cream for those times when your finger tips looked cracked and dry and of course my go to foundation, mascara and a lipstick.

Over a week ago I attended an amazing beauty breakfast for Designer Brands, which you would have seen me post about last Friday. Click here if you missed it. A topic came up over breakfast where the host, Sarah Roza asked if we were stranded on an island or in the desert, what would be the one item you can’t survive without. Funny, most women at the breakfast said mascara, but for me it’s foundation. Or rather it’s my makeup bag really, which contains both mascara and foundation.

Although the product, or rather brand do. Hangs from time to time, I never stray too far from the essentials, which are foundation, a brush, lip balm, hand cream, eyeshadow and of course mascara.

But of got me thinking about what sorts of essential beauty items other women event survive without, so I wanted to share with you what I carry with me, whenever I walk through the front door. I literally never leave home without it.

Here’s what key products are currently in my makeup beauty bag:

  1. NEST fragrance stick
  2. Nude by Nature highlighter stick in bronze
  3. IT Cosmetics CC liquid foundation
  4. Real Techniques liquid foundation brush
  5. Inika Organic mascara in dark brown
  6. Endota Spa Liquid concealer
  7. Nude by Nature matte lipstick in dusty rose
  8. My very own Mango flavoured Alainn Lip Balm

My obsession with keeping an essential makeup bag, which goes with me everywhere, began with the development of my excessively oily skin in my early twenties.

Makeup doesn’t last long and I don’t suit setting powders as they blotch on my skin, no matter how good the brand is, promising on delivering the best dry set to your makeup look. It just doesn’t work.

It’s because of this, I always need to make sure I carry at least my foundation, lipstick and eyeshadow around with me, in order to reapply if necessary.

I didn’t feature my eyeshadow this time around, as I do change this often. Sometimes I have a small carry size with me and other times I don’t take any at all, depending on how I feel. But lipstick and foundation are an absolute must whenever I leave the house.

So, I shared with you, will you share with me. What secrets do you keep in your beauty bag or makeup ba?.

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