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The Best Places to Visit in Japan

With the 2020 Olympics laying in wait around the corner, I tracked down eight places to explore in Japan.

Despite the ongoing threat of the Coronoavirus spread, there is a light around the corner, with fewer outbreaks now occurring in China and a pretty well thought out containment program across other parts of the world.

Though, there are still a few countries who are concerned about the spread, such as France and Italy; who have shut down a lot of their iconic tourist hotspots, the truth is, many people who have contracted the virus are fighting it naturally like any other flu.

The 2020 Olympics are going ahead. If you’re planning on visiting Tokyo for this major global event, but want to make your stay more of a holiday than just an athletic visit, here are eight great locations in Japan worth adding to your itinerary.

Nikko: North of Tokyo in the mountains, Nikko is a small Japanese city filled with many breathtaking shrines, temples and landscapes. Nikki is also known for their architecture and is an easy place to visit on a day trip from Tokyo.

Temple of Nikko

Hakone: Many Tokyo locals visit Hakone for weekend getaways. It’s located around eighty kilometres from the capital and is famous for the many natural hot springs and incredible views from Mount Fuji.

The beautiful bay of Hakone

Kyoto: With only a sixth of the population of Tokyo, Kyoto is Japan’s former capital and mixes a stunning compilation of traditional and contemporary lifestyle. Kyoto is also known for it’s famous Bamboo Forest.

The famous Bamboo forest of Kyoto

Osaka: Well known for street food, Osaka is Japan’s third largest city. It is home of the flashy Tsutenkaku tower and one of the countries oldest castles. The atmosphere of Osaka is very similar to Tokyo, though a little more relaxed.

Ancient Osaka Castle

Nara: Filled with enchanted gardens, hundreds of deer and one of the largest Buddha statues in the world, Nara is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever visit. Established in 710 CE, is was once the capital of Japan.

The cute deers of Nara

Hiroshima: There is so much to the city than its tragic past. Like the beautiful memorial park in the middle of the city, fabulous shopping districts and a plethora of interesting cafes and restaurants to eat at.

Hiroshima Park

Miyajima: This city is located in the heart of Hiroshima Bay and is surrounded by peaceful beaches. This is a very scenic city with lots of beautiful scenic sights to explore and admire, like the many golden gates sitting in the water around the bay.

Tokyo: Of course, I need to make mention to the one city who will be hosting the Olympics. Tokyo is a super advanced iconic city, with upbeat locations to explore within a modern city, surrounded by scenic landscapes. You will not be disappointed with a stay in Tokyo for the Olympics, especially if you book extra time to explore the surrounding above mentioned places as well.

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