The new aromatherapy range by Bath and Bodyworks

Trilling The New Aromatherapy Range by Bath and Body Works

Keeping true to my word, I am trialling beauty products which contain essential oils matched to my star sign.

What’s interesting about this new mission I am embarking on, is that it’s actually not that difficult to find product which contain the right essentials oils suited to my star sign Virgo.

Last weekend, after spending a ridiculous amount of hours searching supermarkets for toilet paper, because everyone has bought all the toilet paper. I decided to make a quick pit stop to the Bath and Body Works at the DFO Seconds in Homebush.

Of course, I didn’t need anything at all from Bath and Body Works, as I had hit up the shop several weeks earlier for a top up of room sprays, car diffusers and candles. But hey, when you have been searching the city for toilet paper, there really is nothing like a little therapeutic aromatic smelling of candles and fragrances to help recover from the stress.

It’s difficult to track new releases with Bath and Body Works, as they are a an American Brand and often we do get slow releases here, or winter releases of new fragrances in our summer. I had no idea they had launched
(a while back) a new specialised aromatherapy range of beauty products, designed to help restore the mood, enlighten the senses and bring peace and harmony to a stressful day.

I searched the new range, which started from botanical room sprays, bars of soap and mixed body washes and creams and came across their ‘sleep’ products which are made from Black Chamomile.

I purchased the two pack gift set which was RRP $40 and included the Sleep Body Wash & Foam Bath; which can be used in the shower and the bath, and the Sleep Body Lotion. It came in the cutest little carry box too, with all the astrology star constellations printed on it; how appropriate for my new beauty mission.

I have only been using the products since last Sunday, so not long. However, I have noticed significant differences in my stress levels at night. Though, part of me often wonders if it’s all my mind.

The smell is masculine in scent, as its deep in woody notes which have been perfectly blended with the black chamomile essential oil, to create a very heartfelt warming scent.

The body wash has been mixed with conditioning aloe and bamboo extract, and won’t dry out the skin after using.

The cream is made from Shea butter and vitamin E too, so along with the essential oil benefits of the product, your skin will be well nourished and hydrated at the same time.

Much the LUSH Lavender sleep range, I feel at peace when using the new sleep body wash and body cream by Bath and Body Works, end using it at night is definitely best. As it does relax you a lot. So, if you shower to early you may feel sleepy right afterwards and want to lay down.

Yes, I respect that the mind is a powerful thing and that the idea of using essential oils for the benefits of helping me unwind and sleep is probably what is relaxing me anyway. But does it matter. I mean, that’s the idea of essential oils in the first place isn’t it?

Regardless whether it works or not, the idea that they can assist in helping me unwind means these products are a real winner for me.

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