Have You Tried Hemp Beauty Products Yet?

If you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon of using hemp beauty products- now’s your chance to start trying them. They are truly divine.

Now that hemp seeds and oil are legal in Australia, it seems every man and his dog are applying this magical, wonderous and nutritional ingredient into almost anything.

But here’s the thing – there have been some stellar beauty brands who have been using hemp in their products for several years now.

Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, which are brilliant for moisturising your hair and skin. The oil helps to preserve water and moisture in the skin and hair, whilst proteins found in Hemp also helps to build up the natural strength of cells which boosts the overall health of your skin and nails.

Here are four beauty brands who have been mastering the art of heamp beauty for a while now.

Hemp Hemp Horay:

This brand is around for a while and like The Body Shop, have been formulating Hemp skincare products for several years. The owner developed the brand, with the idea that skincare should be chemical-free, as natural as possible and created using only the finest in hemp seed oil to provide a nourishing skincare product for anyone of any age, with any skincare issue.

I have been using the eye cream by Hemp Hemp Horay for a while now and can honestly say my eyes look young and vibrant – hemp hemp horay.

Sativa Organic Hemp Skincare:

This nutrient-rich beauty brand is new to the world of skincare and we have absolutely fallen in love with their products. With ingredients like Rosehip, Gotu Kola and other natural Australian Botanical Extracts, along with Hemp oil, these products deliver the ultimate hydration for skin and are suitable for any skin type too, to help balance any excess oil development in the cells.

You must try their beautiful cleanser. But, don’t be put off my the colour, it is a little greeny brown, but it works like a treat on dirty skin.

The Body Shop:

One of the first beauty brands to deliver high-quality hemp products several years ago, The Body Shop have since perfected their formula to create some stellar Hemp products, which help to treat a variety of skin concerns like eczema, cracked heels and excessively calloused fingers.

My partner Greg has been using their Hemp-based hand cream for many years now and is completely obsessed, he has always sworn by this cream stating it truly is the best out there.


This beautifully packaged and organic skincare brand uses hemp oil which has been cold-pressed from the hemp plant to create a range of products proven to nourish the skin and combat a variety of skin conditions. Hempme has been certified organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and their packaging is even biodegradable too.

My favourite is the face cream. I have been using it over the hot summer months to keep skin well hydrated and it works like a treat.


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