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Taking Some Time Out at The Golden Door

WOW! It’s been a really busy year. From writing to studying, selling lip balms and so much more. I was WAY overdue for a holiday and needed a break stat.

So, with my bestie’s birthday approaching the two of us decided to escape Sydney over the long weekend and stay a few night at The Golden Door in the scenic Hunter Valley Region only two hours and 30 minutes north from Sydney.

But, I have already blogged about The Golden Door a few times already on my blog (and then some HAHA).. So, instead writing on and on about my experience here (which is amazing by the way). I will share some photos with you instead.

If you don’t know anything about The Golden Door, it’s a health retreat designed to help people discover a better version of themselves through clean eating, yoga, meditation (or high energy exercising if required) and obtain a better understanding of wellness and well-being.

It’s not for everyone of course, but even those who are just seeking some time out of Sydney to recharge and relax, it’s a pretty great setting to take much needed moments to help you re-centre yourself and take a break from the city.

I have stayed at The Golden Door several times now and each time has been a different experience; some good and some bad. A word of advice, if you decide to try out this amazing resort and aren’t one for mingling with others, do ensure you request to have a breakfast, lunch and dinner table to yourself. Why? Because they love communal style eating arrangements; which is definitely not for everyone (like me).

evening fogGolden DoorGood morningkangaroos

meditation hillwellness day spawinter air

elysiumFoyer of the Golden Doorkangaroosmeditation hillrelaxing by the fire

Never stayed at a health retreat before. Here’s a short list of what to expect if you ever book yourself into one:

  1. No coffee, chocolate or wine. This is dependent on the health retreat however, as some do serve up good organic coffee and wine with breakfast and dinner.
  2. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, normally sourced from local markets and farmers.
  3.  A lot of time to reflect. Health retreats are designed to help you reflect on your current life circumstances and focus on what changes you need to make for the future.
  4. Plenty of exercise opportunities. Depending on the health retreat you stay at, some are either hard core boot camps and others are more about finding a spiritual connection with your health through yoga and mediation. Some even cater for both. Make sure you chose one which has a program to help guide you on your journey.
  5. Save up before you book. Most health retreats, due to their programming are pretty pricey. So make sure you mentally prepare yourself for what you may be up for, for a two or three night stay. But remember, this money is being spent on your health. And well, you can’t put a price on that really can you?

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