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Kevin Bacon is Retiring After 7 Years

I don’t mean the actor Kevin Bacon. I mean Sydney’s most iconic and famous pig who lives at The Grounds Alexandria.

After seven years of entertaining guests and living life as a celebrity for The Grounds, Kevin Bacon the pig is throwing in the towel to go live the rest of his days on a farm away from city life. For seven weeks (now five left) The Grounds will be celebrating Kevin’s retirement, with delicious marshmallow hot chocolates, desserts and foods; all inspired by Kevin’s amazing seven year as the mascot for The Grounds cafe in Alexandria.

Having spent many a weekday or weekend at The Grounds, wandering markets, grabbing a coffee to go, enjoying a delicious gluten-free and vegan inspired breakfast on a Sunday and sitting cosy in the surrounding gardens sipping red wine in winter, I feel like part of the family and although I am sad to see Kevin go, I am super excited that he will get to spend the rest of his days in the quiet country, getting plenty of fresh air and sun, whilst rolling through green hills (or mud in his case).

All the best on your next adventure Kevin, we will miss you. Make sure to head down and be part of the festivities whilst you can. With only five more weeks left before he retires. The Grounds is a great place to visit if you are on a budget, as it’s free to wander through the gardens take as many pictures as you want. Meet Kevin Bacon before he retires; along with the other farm animals who will continue to reside there, or sit back and enjoy the surrounding environment, with a good cup of coffee.

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