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Staying at The Hughenden Hotel

I was given the amazing opportunity to stay at a beautiful boutique hotel in Sydney called The Hughenden Hotel. It was just what I needed to recharge the battery from everyday life.

At the right time in my life, it provided me with the perfect amount of respite away from my every day routine, to just have a night away from home to enjoy my own company, catch up on my writing and relax.

Finding the time to make time for yourself is difficult, trust me, I know. But when you do, it is the most rewarding experience. And, when you do make the time for yourself to take a short break from every day life, you realise very quickly how important it is to give yourself some respite from life.

I wrote a blog about the importance of making time for yourself to recharge, unwind and relax, and I stand by this advise more than ever. Especially when the days seem to pass quicker as the year slowly creeps towards the end of.

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I know what you’re saying. You just don’t have time, or money, or the energy to try and give yourself some respite. But, trust me when I say, you need to make that time. It doesn’t cost much to pick a cute little hotel somewhere in a nice little spot; either close to home, or in your local city. There are always plenty of great deals going on, if you just take a few moments out of day and look.

Sit down with the family and let them know you need a break to recharge and gather new energy to keep going. I am lucky enough to get breaks every now and then and a very understanding family who support me when I need that break. But, only because I sit down with them and explain that order for me to keep being there for them, I need to have the time every once in a while to recharge the battery.

So, what are you waiting for, check out lastminute.com or wotif.com now and find yourself the perfect overnight stay. Secret tip: mid-weeks stays on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays always have the best rates as hotel are desperate to fill rooms on their quiet days.

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