christmas decor for the house

How to Decorate your Front Door for Christmas

My tips and tricks for decorating your front door space for Christmas.

No matter whether your front door space is large or small, there are so many interesting ways you can decorate your personal space for Christmas, sharing the spirit with anyone who enters your home or walks past to enjoy and admire.

Inspired by my decorating from Halloween back in October, I decided I would also decorate the same space for Christmas, which is something I don’t normally do.

christmas decor for the house

Most years, I strong up a few lights and have a beautiful wreath up at the door for everyone to enjoy.

However, in October for Halloween, I decided to branch out and decorate the whole front space for the season, taking inspiration from shops like TKMaxx and Flower Power who always sell amazing Christmas and other seasonal ranges each year, I wanted to explore what it would be like to branch out from decorating just the inside of the house and directing it to outside of the house also.

christmas decor for the house

Of course, Flower Power is more often than not out of my price range. TKMaxx on the other hand is so affordable, it would be criminal for me not to head on in and purchase a few cute seasonal items to spruce up the front door for Christmas. Though there are some amazing items there this year, like a $100 wreath which is MASSIVE and stunning garland for decorating any space you wish.

I think I’ll wait for the sales to kick in though, so I can get them for a better price.

I mixed up the decorating this year, with old and new and purchased a few items from Flower Power, Kmart, TKMaxx, The Reject Shop and even eBay.

christmas decor for the house

The wreath was from eBay, the garland of green stars and Christmas trees is from Flower Power, the NOEL sign is from Kmart. The Reindeer is from TKMaxx, the Warm Wishes sign under the wreath is from Big W, the pillow cases are all from eBay also and the Merry Christmas sign which lights up at night is from The Reject Shop, as well as the tree. The lights on the tree were also from Kmart.

I find the best way to decorate is to start with the wreath and then move outwards from there. As this is a tight front door space, I also need to be mindful not to take up too much room where people will struggle in and out of the house.

Working from the wreath, decide on what sort of colour theme you want to run with. I always go for more traditional colours, like red, green and gold or silver. These colours are festive and work well in any space, to liven up and they are also warming colours, making the space feel cosy.

Once you have decided on the colour theme, out of all of your decorations choose the best ones for being outdoors. Even during December in Australia, we can often get wild winds (which are super hot and humid) and rain, so I opt for pillow cases and cushions which are weather friendly, along with decorations that can endure the heat, the cold, the sun, the rain and anything else Mother Nature decides to throw against the front door.

christmas decor for the house
christmas decor for the house
christmas decor for the house

Lights which are solar powered work well for decorating the front door spaces, or any front parts of the house exposed too the elements, as they are generally suited fro any type of climate, seeing as they require UV rays to power up.

Don’t be afraid to explore Pinterest for some cute and inspiration ideas on ways to decorate the space, if you’re lacking any ideas on how to go about it.

I mix ups any Christmas decorating every year, so each year is always different. I move things around, change the theme of decorating for the tree (this year I went for a snowflake and massive bauble look, last year was all about Santa and candy canes LOL). It keep every year interesting, rather than the same look each time and ads variety.

Expect to change things around once you have decorated also. I have re-arranged the front door space around three times already, mostly as I bought a few extra things I wanted to added and I just didn’t like where I had placed them.

christmas decor for the house

And depending on the lighting at night, often if the lights are too close together and not spread evenly between another decoration, it can look odd from a distance. So remember to take a good look at your masterpiece at night time, once the lights are up, to make sure it aesthetically looks good for both day and night.

Have fun exploring your creative side. I know I do.

christmas decor for the house

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