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Bedroom Refresh: Revamping the Bedroom Christmas Style

From my bedding, to the dresser, I’ve gone and refreshed my bedroom Christmas style, beaming with festive vibes.

Something new I started this year, well in-fact I actually only started it in Spring a few months back, I’ve decided for each season of the year I would revamp the bedroom and refresh the decor style according to the season.

Most likely influenced by Zoe Snugg and her inspirational home decor concepts, and after purchasing a very cute tropical and Spring like quilt cover and other little bits and pieces for the bedroom, I decided this would now be my thing.

It’s amazing how refreshing a bedroom, or any room for that matter, can help cleanse the mind, revitalise your mood (if you’re down) and motivate you to aspire and achieve things when you change up a small thing in your life, like a room revamp.

I put it down to the idea, that when you change up a room and refresh the look, it’s like breaking from routine, a holiday from your everyday routine. You wake up to a room which looks different, influenced by the season you are in, helping too enjoy said season more, and when you’re ready for bed at night, it comforts you as you nestle in to a space created by you.

christmas bedding

If you have been following my blog, you would have seen my Spring inspired bedroom theme, where I revamped the pictures on any walls to new ones, changed up my workspace (as this is shared with my bedroom in a an almost granny flat style living area), and switched my bedding from dark and wintery to bright and Spring like.

This was the first time ever, I had truly made a theme switch in my living and bedroom space. Although I do from time to time, change pillows, swapping old for something new I’ve discovered. Changing candles according to the season and move bits and pieces around the room for something different to look at each day. I had never truly gone and done an overhaul of the entire space.

For Christmas, I went next level. I have decked out the dresser, the bedside tables, the bookshelves, the bedding. Literally anywhere in the room I felt needed a change, I did it.

Starting with my bedding, I bought the cutest quilt cover on eBay for $50 (a bargain really, as some can be very pricey). I have been looking for the perfect Christmas bedding for nearly two years now and I have never truly ever found the right one. They were either a little too much, or too little in their design. Or I just wasn’t feeling the vibe of the bedding.

More often than not, a lot of the bedding was also a little too colourful. And as I have festive red bed sheets, I was really looking for a quilt cover which was festive enough, but not over the top. Then finally two years later I found it. And I love it.

Christmas bedding
I am so in love with my Christmas bedding this year.

The fabric is super soft too and I love the mixture of wintery trees, pine trees and reindeer splashed across it in a subtle grey. Which I know, the grey doesn’t sound that festive at all for Christmas. But matched with the red sheets, I knew it would be perfect for the look I was after. Anything else with red sheets, would simply be just too much.

If you want to get one for yourself, it’s called ‘White Christmas Doona Duvet Quilt Cover Set Double/Queen/King Size Bedding Set.’ Just type that into the eBay search browser and it will come out. I think it’s on sale right now, so make sure you check it out sooner rather than later.

The red sheets are very old, I bought them from the Sheridan Factory outlet store maybe seven years ago. And I have been using them every Christmas since. They are a beautiful red colour and even after seven years, they are in such good order. Which does prove, from time to time, you simply can’t stoop on quality. Especially when it comes to bed sheets. And maybe towels as well.

Christmas bedding

To finish off the bedding, I went to Kmart too picked up a cute little ‘Merry & Bright’ titled pillow which was only $8 (love a good bargain, especially at Christmas). I have been searching for the right Merry & Bright pillow for a while now. There is a very cute one I have been eying out at Pottery Barn and was very close to getting it, when I spotted this little beauty at Kmart and opted for this one instead.

I love the little wreath of holy & ivy and mistletoe around the wording too, which just adds to the Christmas vibe of the whole bedding theme.

Of course, I had to finish off the entire styling with bedside treats and lights. Because Christmas just isn’t Christmas without little fairy lights and stuffed animals or reindeer.

christmas bedding

Here’s what’s on my bedside: The candle is from Tilley Soaps Australia and I think it’s called Mistletoe. However, it was from last year, so I’n=m not sure if they are selling it again this year for Christmas. The cute little Christmas bird and small tree are both from Kmart. I really love the collection they have this year. Super cute and so affordable. If you haven’t checked it out yet – do.

christmas bedding

For the other side table, I dressed it with another old candle from last Christmas which was only half burnt called ‘All I want for Christmas is Prosecco’ and it smells amazing. And if you’re wondering why I still have candles from last year, I always receive an amazing collection every Christmas and I just never can seem to get through them all.

The reindeer is another old purchase from Myer. I bought him with a cute battery operated lamp which flickers as though it’s a real candle. After a major storm here in Sydney, a lot of branches from gumtrees has fallen around the front yard, so I went around and collected a few of the best and popped theme into a vase for an Aussie style Christmas bouquet on the bedside, which works well with the reindeer I think.

To polish off the look, I hung a few festive lights above the bed. Because you know, one set is just not enough LOL. One set is from The Reject Shop (a discount store in Sydney), which I bought last year. They are cute little string of mini glass jars with fake snow and pine trees inside which light up. Very sweet.

I also added in icy snowflakes which were purchased a few years back from Ronis (a discount store here in Sydney) and then recently I discovered the cutest Holy & Ivy lights from Kmart from $5 which are adorable. They are wire lighting made from little green ivy leaves and then each little light is a red ball which represents the berry. And for $5 I kind of think I want to go back and get some more.

I also added a few bits and pieces around the bedroom to add to the festiveness of the room (if that’s even a word HAHA). This consists of a sweet space on top of my bookshelf, which I can enjoy whilst working and a beautiful range of Christmas decor items and lights around the Television area on my dresser, to enjoy whilst watching television.

Overall, I am super pleased with how everything turned out in the bedroom. My next step is to decorate the front porch, which will be my mission tomorrow. So, look out for that post which will go live by 6pm tomorrow (Monday AEST) in the evening.

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