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Why I’m In Love with Scotland

Scotland is unlike any place I have ever been to. I’ve fallen in love and I could easily live there.

At first I wasn’t sure if it had something to do with my heritage or not. That was until I went to Scotland with my partner; who is of Greek decent, and he too felt the same way about Scotland as I did.

We fell in love with both land and the people and joked on a regular basis on how easy it would be to pack up and leave Australia to live there. There is something rather addictive in nature when you’re exploring the great lands of Scotland, making this beautiful country very easy to fall in love with. And not just the rugged landscapes, but their cities as well.

Similiar in nature to the Irish, the Scots are warming and incredibly welcoming to anyone who travels where, even if you are a Sassanach; a term used by the Scots prior to the 19th century, for anyone not from Scotland. mostly used as a reference towards the English, but widely used for any foreigner in Scotland.

And although I fell in love with Ireland and its people, there was something different about the way I felt whilst travelling around Scotland, a sense of being home you might say. I know it sounds all very fanciful and too wonderful to be true, but I kid you not, there is a real sense of being home when you’re in Scotland.

And from a historical sense, genetics could explain why so many foreigners do in-fact go to Scotland and immediately fall in love. You only need to look at Scotland’s history to know the lands were once occupied by many Europeans.

From the French, to the Germans, The mixed races of the Saxtons and the Danes, the list is almost endless, on how many people; from a wide variety of cultures, made Scotland their home. And, I have no doubt, there is a little bit of Scot in all of us – somewhere. I even met a Scottish born Indian, who runs a cocktail bar in Edinburgh, who’s parents migrated to India over 40 years ago.

Well established in Scotland now, he loves his country and has no desire to ever live in India. As he told me: “Have you ever been to India? It’s so hot and there are too many people.” Which of course had be laughing in hysterics. Didn’t Raj from the Big Bang Theory say the exact same thing LOL.

He told me how his parents first came to Scotland for a holiday and fell in love with the land and the people (sound familiar) and decided it would be the prefect country to move to and start a family.

So, you see. It’s not just me, or my partner, who has fallen in love with this amazing country. From their misty highland mountains which speak legends of old, to the ghostly architecture of their cities, Scotland could easily be a place to call home.

But, don’t just take my word for it – you have to go see it for yourself.

I am a freelance writer and content creator who designs website and manages social media. I also write travel and beauty for www.renaesworld.com.au, and a weekly beauty column for www.bondibeauty.com.au whilst managing my own personal travel and lifestyle blog at www.my-life-journal.com


  • lifeinkarolingston

    I totally agree that it makes you feel like home in Scotland. I visited Edinburgh in 2011 and since then I knew that I will gonna to live there one day and moved permanently to Scotland in July 2016. It is my home! πŸ™‚

    • travelbugofficial

      Oh! I am so envious (in a good way). Has life been great since living there? Hopefully I can follow your footsteps and move there one day soon also.. where about did you move to, north, south, east or west?

      • lifeinkarolingston

        I love it here! Very vibrant city. So much going on here. But you probably know that. I live on the west side of the city. Just next to Union Canal and 10 minutes driving from Pentland Hills and Hermitage of Braid. Wish you all the best! πŸ™‚

      • lifeinkarolingston

        I live in Edinburgh over 3 years now It is an amazing, full of energy and night life city. And at the same time if you need a break from city life you just climb up Arthur Seat, Calton Hill, or walking around The Royal Botanic Garden, or taking a day walk at the Pentland Hills.
        I love every minute I spent in Edinburgh. Hopefully, you will find your home in Scotland one day πŸ™‚ All the best!

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