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5 Ways of Being More Eco-Friendly in Spring

Whilst you’re spring cleaning your house, spare a thought for the environment and spring clean your soul as well.

We are half way through Spring and Summer is just waiting around the corner. And, I don’t know about you, but the only think I get excited about when Summer starts approaching, is the fact that Christmas is soon to follow. Though I would take a northern hemisphere Christmas over a southern hemishphere Christmas any day.

But, that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to rock an awesome summer inspired Christmas. But I digress and the season is in-fact Spring, not Summer and it’s way too early to be blogging about Christmas, even if the adds and Christmas home decor are already being sold across the country.

Where were we, right Spring. My second favourite time of the year to Autumn (seasonal that is). As a Winter fan, I must admit, it’s hard to get motivated in the icy cold to do any cleaning or sorting, much like Summer weather where it’s too hot. Spring really is the perfect time to getting yourself ready for Summer, cleaning the cupboards and sorting out your clothing and other items which can be donated to charity.

Apart from the physical sense of cleaning, we seldom remember Spring is also a good time to clean the spirit and soul instead and be more eco-friendly with your choices when cleaning.

Pure Planet, creators of the eco-freindly toiletpaper, is encouraging all Australians to take a step towards thinking more about their environmental choices and impacts when it comes to cleaning.

Here are five simple ways to help you be more eco-friendly this Spring:

  1. Use the half flush on the toilet where possible. Did you know we could all save approximately 15,000 litres of water can be saved annually by simply pushing the half flush. Remember you can also hold down the flush a little longer, for extra help flushing when using the half flush, instead of using double the water with the full flush.
  2. Choose an eco-friendly toilet paper. Believe it or not, many toilet paper brands still create a paper which doesn’t entirely break down. Meaning, the paper then gets stuck in the pipes, gets stuck in the water ways, and of course ends up in the ocean. Choose a paper which works to dissolve right away in water to reduce this problem.
  3. Use non-toxic cleaning products such as Earth or Eco-planet to clean your house. Knowing the products you are using whilst cleaning won’t affect the environment like other products can, will give you peave of mind when Spring cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens.
  4. Reduce your shower time, if you can. Do you really need to stand in the shower for that extra two minute doing nothing but standing there? Probably not, and think of all the water going down the drain whilst you stand there. I keep my showers fairly simple most days so I’m not using too much water, except when washing my mane (which does takes forever). That way I don’t feel as bad when washing my hair (which is only once a week), as I have hardly spent any time in my regular showers from day to day.
  5. When you’re in the shower, try opening the window (if you have one) instead of using the fan. In-fact when there is a nice breeze outside, open all the doors and windwos to freshen the house and clear out any bacteria. this is a great way of cooling the house down, without the use of any airconditioner or fan. And you reduce your electricity bill at the same time.

Pure Planet is an eco-friendly toilet paper which is completely plastic-free. With a mission to help everyday people protect the environment without having to compromise their quality of lifestyle. Making a small change in your household goes a long way and Pure Planet want to help you protect the environment not just for future generations, but to save all the wonderous animals and plat life as well.

I am a freelance writer and content creator who designs website and manages social media. I also write travel and beauty for www.renaesworld.com.au, and a weekly beauty column for www.bondibeauty.com.au whilst managing my own personal travel and lifestyle blog at www.my-life-journal.com

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