high tea for two at home

I Made High Tea for Two at Home

Unable to get to any cafes, restaurants, hotels or anywhere else of interest in Sydney right now, I decided to create my very own high tea for two experience at home.

I’m tired of using, writing, reading, seeing and saying the word lockdown. I’m sure you all are too. So, I will try and refrain from using it in this post. But I can’t promise anything LOL.

Firstly, I hardly ever go to high tea events. I’m gone to maybe three in my lifetime. mostly as a lot of them don’t allow for my dietary requirements. So I am limited in where I can go. However, the ones I have gone to with friends and family, I have loved.

There is just something so special about sitting down with fine china, enjoying small morsels of delicious savoury foods and sweet treats, with either a glass of champagne or a good coffee and cup of tea. And as I mentioned, though I don’t do it often, I really enjoy it. And I would love to enjoy it more, when all this crazy lockdown stuff is over.

In the meantime however, though I feel like I make better food at home sometimes, compared to many cafes and restaurants. Or let me rephrase that, as I do love eating out. With my dietary requirements, I can control what I eat at home more than when I eat out. The difference is, the social aspect. Perhaps that’s what I really miss more than the eating out part. I decided to make my very own high tea picnic at home for two.

It’s pretty easy to re-create your own at home high tea, all you need is a little imagination and some inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to start for some inspiration. Of course, depending on what type of space you have at home, you made need to adjust that inspiration to suit, as a lot of high tea inspirational posts on Pinterest and even instagram are out in the garden.

I’m lucky to have a lovely garden out the front of our house, not in the back. So my high tea event was rather low key as I didn’t fancy setting up some rater large shindig out the front for passerby’s to sticky beak at, or for my neighbours to wonder what on earth was happening in the garden. Especially with everyone stuck at home in lockdown. No privacy for now.

Keeping it basic, I had a picnic rug, a hat (as it was super sunny), sunnies were a no brainer, a 3-tier tray set. Which of course not everyone has available on hand, so a simple tray – maybe two, 1 for savoury and 1 for sweets would do the trick. I also had tea cups filled with peppermint tea and of course myself, cats and partner – who was mostly my videographer and photographer for this post and social posts LOL.

As for the food, I am gluten free, so sandwiches are not the best with gluten free bread. So, I toasted some wholemeal and then made some yummy beetroot, garlic dip and spinach toasted sandwiches. And on the side, added in some delicious gluten-free chocolate coated scotch finger biscuits.

I also had some leftover treats from raw passion desserts which made a nice touch to the high tea. Of course, I had way too much food and my partner hardly eat anything, so a lot of it ended up back in the fridge after I filled myself with way too much food and peppermint tea. But boy it was enjoyable.

As I mentioned though, you can really create anything you like. And enjoy it any time of the day really. Mine was for brunch, which I felt was a perfect time to do it, as I already eat breakfast really late in the day anyways.

If you are still in lockdown, this is a great way to pass the time. And if you live alone and aren’t aloud to have company (I hate using that term, aloud, like you can’t be free – sigh), then why not make a high tea for one and set it u in your cosy living space, create a nice little picnic area, set up a movie marathon, and enjoy some self-care, you time, enjoying your very personalised high tea whilst watching some cry worthy sappy movies. Or if you prefer action, I’m sure that could work with your high tea as well LOL.

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