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The Mindful Health Benefits of Flowers

How a Melbourne emergency nurse and meditation teacher has created a purposeful mindful flower concept that keeps on giving – in both the mind and the spirit.

Founder of MoodMantras, Eloise Forster has created a beautiful testament to the concept on the mindful health benefits of flowers and how they reflect a life purpose, spirit and happiness found in everyday actions.

Flowers; they do many things. They can make a person a smile, help feed the bees and plants, sustain life, create honey. Or rather the bees create the honey from the flowers. And even provide medicinal benefits to us.

But did you also know flowers can help with your mindful wellbeing?

I always find flowers to be the pathway to essential health and wellbeing. I’ll explain.

Similar to the concept of the circle of life, you can watch a plant grow from the soil. That plant will then form flowers, starting with a bud, before it opens up to the light of the world, displaying beautiful coloured petals of all shapes and sizes.

From there, the flower then feeds the bees, the ants, the butterflies, the dragon flies, and so many other beings that use the pollen and juice from the flower to nurture their being.

Then, we pick the flower. Not all the time, but sometimes we do. To enjoy it in the house, outside of the garden. Admiring the colours and shapes of the flowers, as they sit quietly in the vase on your favourite mantle piece, table or desk.

As the flower begins to die, its purpose now served, sadness sets in as the colours fade and the petals start to fall. So true is the cycle of life, and how we grow from the soil, to the light of the earth, to carry our joy and happiness in the world, sharing love with all and nurturing where we can. Until our time has come and we pass that new light to someone else.

Such purpose should not be looked on with a hint of sadness, or rather morbid reflection, but rather a mindful view on how we wish to walk upon this earth. We are the flowers, and the flowers are us.

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It is this energy, from the humble flower, that we can look upon life and admire the purpose of how much they fight in life, much like us, to be beautiful, happy and free. A mindful reflection on the use of flowers.

Founded by Eloise, MoodMantras is about helping you transform your life through meditation and holistic counselling. And now, she creates beautiful dried flower arrangements designed to boost your mood.

“These handmade intention posies each have unique qualities that bring individual energies into your home. They work much like the smudge sticks however you don’t burn these.

These posies have been smudged and emit an energy in your home, workspace, office or just as an ornament on your bedside table. A beautiful gift for a fellow kindred soul or for yourself and they last FOREVER. Unlike other flowers that droop in one week, these dried arrangements are purposeful.”

The Ginger Dream Intention Posy RRP $45

Handmade with love, this bouquet is designed to bring strength, courage and truth. This posy is infused with fire, passion and dedication relating to authentic self. The posy includes a variety of blooms such as strawflower and cotton.

The Awakened Intention Posy RRP $45

This posy is designed to awaken your spirit, and helps to harbour love and compassion. It is made up of a variety of blooms such as strawflower, rice flower, statice, gum and cotton. It is handmade and makes the perfect gift for someone.

The Lavender & Rosemary ‘Remembrance & Renewal’ Emerald Smudge Stick RRP $37

This smudge is reusable. You simply blot them out after each use, and keep them in a glass jar for decoration between uses. The Emerald is a stone that embodies patience and compassion. The Rosemary signifies those who have passed and offers an earthy and healing wisdom to your home, whilst the lavender brings love, balance and harmony.

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