What different flowers represent

What Flowers Really Mean

Do you know what flowers really represent and what they actually mean?

Different flowers mean different things. However, over the course of many years, the translation of flowers has been lost over the years, as they became more and more popular as a way of showing someone you cared.

So, let’s look at some of the most popular flowers and what they actually mean.


Different coloured carnations mean different things. Red ones normally means the giver loves you, yellow is meant to convey distain for you and pink means they will never forget you.

Wild Tansy

Although cheerful in appearance in look and colour, these flowers represent something entirely opposite of happiness. To give or receive wild tansy is a declaration of war and were once used in tea to promote miscarriages in women.


From the colour to whether or not a stem has thorns, roses can represent many things apart from love and affection, such as jealousy and shame. If you receive a thornless rose stem it represents love at first site. If you receive a withered white rose you made a pretty poor impression.


A variety of daffodil, this small little flower often seen when the Australian Cancer Council is fundraising on Daffodil Day, these flowers mean only one thing. your affections are returned.


If you’ve been wondering why Ivy is often used at weddings, that’s because Ivy represents longevity. It’s clings to life no matter the climate and is always green and strong. It is used at weddings to represent well wishes for a long and happy marriage, like the ivy.


This remarkable flower is a symbol of sleep, peace and death, the main reason why it is used for remembering fallen soldiers. Although red poppies are traditionally used for such remembrance, any colour still represents peace.


To give Lavender to someone it means you don’t trust them, and should you receive it, it means the giver distrusts you. Hard to imagine this calming smelling flower represents the opposite of how you feel when smelling it.

I’ll bet you think twice the next time you receive or give flowers to someone.

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