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Don’t rely on New Year’s resolutions to set goals and achieve happiness.

Did you know most New Year’s resolutions get ditched within the first two months of making them? That’s a lot of resolutions not getting achieved.

And although there are not real reasons to why they don’t happen for most, many researchers believe it’s a result from life simply just getting in the way. So, rather than waiting for the New Year to set goals and then forget them in a few months, establish short term goals throughout the year instead.

Setting short term goals makes life achievements easier to reach as you are targeting small aspects of life goals in a three month span from one to the next.

Here are seven easy ways to help you get started and stay on track for your yearly achievements, one goal at a time.

Make a List:

Grab a good notebook, a whiteboard or a chalkboard and start making whatever type of list you need to help you get to you final goal. Make a headline of your goal, whether that’s to be a business owner, a freelancer, or perhaps a CEO of the company you work at (hey, no dream is too big or too unrealistic).

Once you have your list heading, start writing point below on step you need to take to help you get there. Such as: How long do you need to get there, how long will the journey take, will there be possibilities of delay and will there be any costs involved.

This will be your checklist to help you follow the right path to achieving your goal.

What is the Destination:

Now that you have a rough outline with your list of what your main goal is and what you want to achieve. Now is the time to focus on the destination.

Take time to visualise your outcome and what steps you will be doing to get there. For most people, these goals are set whilst they are still working a full-time job and more often than not, that job has nothing to do with what they want to achieve.

So, setting a small goal day by day, or maybe week by week is what can help you get to your final destination.

Route the Path:

Even thought you have your destination in your mind, there may be multiple ways to get there. It may be that you need to take multiple routes, or maybe only just one.

Either way, it’s good to write out multiple routes which can help you get to your destination. If one route doesn’t work, then you can take another one.

This could also mean, taking a course to help you achieve your goal. Like sewing classes if you want to design clothes, or a digital course if you want to do something in media. This will help you route the path quicker to get to your destination.

Keep Track of Your Progress:

Make sure you keep track of where you’re heading on the path to success, no matter the goal or achievement. This important to make sure you haven’t missed any steps, or skipped anything which may be important.

Use a check list for the most important things which need to be done first up before laying the path for the rest of the journey. That could be trademarking an idea, or registering a business name.

They may seem small, but names and other associated things like that are important for branding in particular, as you don’t want anyone to steal the idea or you may need to change it if someone else is already using it.

Keeping Time:

Time is so important when achieving goals and is often underestimated when it comes to what it can do to help you get to your final destination.

Why? Because you don’t want to take too long to get to you end goal to be where you want or who you want in life.

If you lose track of time and let time dictate your goals, there is a strong likelihood you won’t get what you need done to achieve your final goal.

Find Support:

Whether you final goal is something to be achieved alone or with someone, it’s good to find someone you can turn to for advice and two help you along your journey.

This could be anyone from a mentor in a specific industry to wish to achieve your goal in, or to partner up with someone who has similar ideas to achieve a goal together.

Either way, working with someone to help you achieve your goal and get to your final destination is a great way to stay motivated and will keep you inspired to duo more and be more.

Plan for the Unknown:

Make sure you plan for anything unpredictable which may occur whilst travelling your journey to success. On route to your destination, you may find yourself stuck in a rut as they say, or struggling to get motivated to take the next (or right) step.

Along the way, think of ways in which small things may divert your journey and have a counter plan to help you compensate for this, so you can stay on track and succeed in achieving your goal.

Remember, no goal is too small, as they will all lead you to greatness in the end.

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