6 Products for Healthy Hair

These are the six hair products I swear by to help me keep my hair healthy and strong.

We all want healthy hair, and we all want hair that turns heads and looks good, no matter the style. And as someone who has dealt with frizzy locks, which transition from looking smooth to looking disheveled within minutes, depending on the weather. I totally get the frustration of trying to keep hair looking good every day.

These are the six products I have been using over the last year. And although my hair still has it’s moment from time to time, these products have certainly helped me have healthy hair.

Heat Protection: So important, even if you don’t plan on heat styling your hair. Did you know heat protection products can also assist in protecting the hair against heat from the sun. Especially if you use one with UV protection in it.

There are a lot of shampoos and conditioners which also provide UV protection too. Look for UV and heat protection products which can be used for natural and heat styling.

Heat Styling: Stick to tools which use revolutionary new heat styling technology for your hair with guarantees little damage whilst styling. Using styling products with your heat styling tool is also essential.

I use a lot of products from Olaplex which are designed to help with heat styling, but you can use anything which has been designed to protect your locks under extreme heat.

Hair Masks: Essential to painting health locks. Although often difficult to achieve the same hydration to your hair as you do when you visit the salon, there are a few products which do provide a similar treatment to your hair as that of a salon treatment.

However, you do need to set some time aside in order to reap the benefits. I use Davines as they have frizzy and curly hair specific products. But recently I have also fallen on love with Noughty’s haircare range, which is a little more affordable and easy to access at Priceline. Their masks are exceptional.

Hair Colouring: If you do decide to colour your own hair, here’s a trick I learned from my hairdresser. Especially if you decide too use supermarket sold hair dyes. Firstly, always use Ammonia Free Hair dyes and make sure they are lower on the chemical processing for colour than most mainstream brands.

Mix the hair dye in a bowl (one you don’t care about destroying) and add a large tablespoon of your favourite hair mask conditioner. Mix well and then apply the colour to your hair. This works to manage frizz and dry hair and protect your locks whilst the colour does it’s job.

Styling Products: You should always use nourishing hair styling products. this can be a range of sprays, creams or oils. Remember to use then the right way though especially if you plan on heat styling your hair. For example, whilst your hair is wet, apply a small amount of leave in conditioner and let your hair soak up the moisture before drying.

When you are ready to dry, sprite the hair with either a heat protection spray or a moisture spray, depending whether you plan to let hair dry naturally or heat style it. Always finish with a hair oil once the hair is dry to lock in moisture and prevent any flyaways from happening.

Hair Spray: I’ve never been a huge fan of hairspray, as I hate how m any of them lock your hair into a style with no flexibility on the movement of your hair. I like my hair to flow, even when it’s having a fuzzy moment LOL.

Look for spray which not set the hair, but rather set the style but allow for flexibility on the movement of the hair so it still flows. Batiste released a fabulous range of new products last year, designed for all sorts of hair needs. My favourite is the De-Frizz one of course.

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