Is Macrame the NEW way to de-stress and unwind?

I think I’ve discovered a new way to relax and unwind when I am stressed and unable to travel.

It’s called Macrame. It’s been around for a while, so it’s nothing new. However, I’m finding this new trend a brilliant way to express my creative outlet; outside of writing of course. And, even better it doesn’t cost too much. So, when I am stuck at home studying and unable to grab the next flight out to an exciting location to explore, this new hobby is fast becoming my new favourite thing.

Okay, so I will be honest with you. At first, I found the whole experience to be rather stressful. If you don’t know much about Macrame, the concept is creating a beautiful knit like pattern with your hands, using a variety of different types of knots. The end result is either a beautiful feature wall hanger, a pot plant holder, or even a bohemian styled dream catcher.

The knots at first are a little complex, and a little confusing to master, as you have to work both the left and right side of your brain; no matter whether you are left or right handed. This is so you can mirror whatever knot pattern you make on one side, on the other side. Does that make sense? So, yes. At first I didn’t feel very stress-free at all, but after an hour into it, I was totally hooked. Three hours later and I had a beautiful completed piece of Macrame knotted art, ready to hang on a wall at home.

My only recommendation; if you want to start that is, is to look up a Macrame workshop in the area. That’s how I started, I definitely recommend it. You really do need a master Macramier (if that’s even a title) to help you work through the different types or knots and learn about all the patterns. Learning online, or straight out of a book would be rather perplexing.

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