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How To Use Crystals in Meditation and Yoga

Crystals in your yoga and meditation class provides you with loads of health benefits you may not be aware of.

Until a month ago, I have never used crystals in my yoga or meditation practice, until I was invited by a friend of mine to sign up to an online zoom yoga class which would harness the power of yoga, meditation and crystals to boost energy, feel more spiritually awake and to recharge the third eye.

It was such an amazing experience, and yet it had never occurred to me until recently, how much we can benefit from using crystals in our every day life.

Of course, the association of using crystal in your every day life is often linked with hippies and free spirited people. But that’s not exactly true. Many people around the world, use the power of crystals to help them sleep, stay calm, remain healthy and strong, and even to recharge and boost energy levels.

From high profile businesses people and celebrities, to successful entrepreneurs, many have all come clean stating they use crystals to help them get through their day, especially when surrounded by stressful situations from day to day.

And if beauty brands are adopting crushed crystals and rocks in many of their skincare and makeup products, then it warrants more looking into, using crystals in your every day life.

Before we discuss the benefits of using crystals in meditation and yoga, first let’s look at why crystals work.

Well crystals have been scientifically proven to charge energy, conduct electricity and even dispel negative energy. This is not a spiritual thing, but rather a physics thing. of course I am not science guru, but as far as I can tell from the research I have conducted, crystals work as a channel to move energy around you, charge the energy around and can even work to dispel energy away from you, should it be negative.

This is because all crystals are made up of atoms of the same element or atoms of different elements like silica or calcium, where the atoms have regular or repeating arrangements. Though often considered an ordered atom, most crystal arrangements are all the same and are rarely different in their creation, apart from shape and colour.

Crystals form in nature from liquids such as magna in the earth. When these liquids cool and harden, the tiny molecules within form together as they harden, in an attempt to stabilise. This then repeats steadily to form a pattern which forms into a crystal.

Depending on the surrounding minerals and elements present during this formation, crystals will take on different colours. For example, amethyst becomes purple when the crystal is being formed with the surrounded minerals of iron, which are built into the crystalline structure, giving it it’s purple hue.

Energy is what forms crystals. So it makes sense that crystals would also harness and charge every too.

When using crystals in meditation and yoga, they work to charge the energy particles which surround you. This can be to create a safe barrier around you to protect the body from negative energy, and can also be used to remove bad energy when working to stabilise your stress and anxiety levels.

As crystals absorb and cleanse energy, not makes sense how they would work to heal the body and help you establish a better connection with your yoga and meditation practice, as they work to block bad energy and even absorb bad energy you are dispelling from the body, helping you achieve better clarity and reduce stress and anxiety levels naturally whilst focusing on your practice.

Since using crystals in my meditation and yoga practice, I have felt a sense of calmness throughout my day, and even taken to carrying certain crystals in my handbag now. I never leave home without them. Once crystal is for health, to protect me whilst I am out in public, one crystal is give my body love, to remind me that everyone needs it and another protect me from bad energy when I am out and about.

whether you believe in the energy of crystals or not, if our great ancient ancestors were using them to heal members of the communities, to create energy and even crushed them to treat bacteria infections of the skin and other daily purposes, it sort of makes sense to be using them in the 21st century as well.

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