What is your zodiac crystal?

Which Crystal Should You Use For Your Star Sign

Do you know which crystal works best for your star sign? Read on for information on which crystal you should be using to enhance your zodiac qualities.

Whether you wish to use crystals in your skincare, daily for your health to heal your energy, protect your energy, there are certain crystals which match your zodiac sign and work to enhance the qualities of that star sign.

If you’re a newbie (like me) into the whole concept of crystals and how to use them in your daily life, there are ways to pick the right ones for your beauty and health routine, by choosing once which match your zodiac sign.

These selected crystals will help you channel your inner goddess for your star sign and boost the qualities of your zodiac personality and help you become a better version of yourself – maybe.

I’ll be flowing through a calendar year, staring with the zodiac sign of Capricorn for January.

Capricorn + Jade: Just like the earthy sign of Capricorn, jade is all business. It helps manifest abundance and prosperity, which is what Capricorn longs for deep down. Jade will help the sea-goat manifest its truest desires: success, abundance, fame, and wealth.

Aquarius + Aquamarine: Aquamarine can heal the physical body. It’s also an ideal crystal for rebellious Aquarius because it inspires and brings radical change to the water bearer.

Pisces + Amethyst: Amethyst represents spiritual wisdom. It also helps to boost one’s intuition and protects the aura from negative vibes, which is perfect for sensitive Pisces.

Aries + Carnelian: Aries are known for their vibrant and fiery personalities. Carnelian will help an Aries achieve vitality, assisting them to ground and soothe their Aries prowess.

Taurus + Rose Quartz: Rose quartz helps those who are of a Taurus star sign, to open up the heart chakra and bring romance to Taurus as well as protect it from future heartache.

Gemini + Citrine: Citrine will help a Gemini increase intelligence, which is what the airy twins ultimately long for in life. Through the guidance of this crystal, Gemini will also be able to enhance their memory and energy.

Cancer + Moonstone: Moonstone aims to help alleviate Cancer’s inner tension by providing calmness and even stabilising their sometimes erratic and dramatic feels. 

Leo + Tigers Eye: Tiger’s eye helps out a Leo with their creativity and positivity. It opens roads by allowing the lion to achieve confidence, positivity, and balance.

Virgo + Red Jasper: Both Virgo and red jasper are known to bring practicality and clarity to all matters. Red jasper adds focus to hyper-organised and analytical Virgo, which allows the Mercurial sign to problem-solve all matters swiftly and without a hitch.

Libra + Lapis Lazuli: This blue gem helps balance the energies within, which is why it resonates so much with Libra. Lapis lazuli encourages Libra to center itself and to never tip its scales.

Scorpio + Black Obsidian: Shielding the Scorpio from negative vibes, the black obsidian will cleanse the euro of a Scorpio by enhancing the water sign’s intuitive side. Obsidian brings the gift of prophecy and Scorpio gives the crystal immense power.

Sagittarius + Turquoise: Turquoise is ideal for enhancing luck—which is what the spirited archer is known to bring. Any Sagittarius using Turquoise have reported being able manifest what they need in life (not to be confused what they want).

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