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How To Create a Habit of Calm and Inner Peace For Yourself

From your home, to work and even whilst your travelling, create your inner peace and habit of calm wherever you go.

Stress! No matter what we do in life, for better or worse, there are some days that come around in our lives, which are choc full of stress. So, it’s important to develop a habit of calm and inner peace for yourself.

Whether you do yoga every day, meditate or have an afternoon siesta to help you deal with stress, if you don’t create a regular daily routine of managing stress and creating your own habit of being calm every day, stress will get to you in the end.

Of course, this doesn’t mean life will go without stress altogether, even if you do manage to find a regular daily routine to manage it. The key statement here, is to manage it. If you are able to manage your stress daily, then eat implications of the stress will be far less damaging to the body, both physically and mentally.

I wanted to share with you, a few things I do to help me manage my stress, and create a habit of calm.

Take up Yoga or Tai Chi:

Though I haven’ done Thai Chi for many years, I still practice yoga at least three times a week. I try to do it every second day, as a way of managing daily stress and other life factors and always find when I miss a session I’m super scattered and ungrounded, meaning up in the air and all over the place. Both of these exercises are a way of helping you breath better, especially when stressed, and will relax the body through movement and stretching.

Take a Stroll Through Nature:

Taking a walk along the beach, or sitting in a park listening to the sounds of nature is a great way of restoring your natural equilibrium – meaning, it balances out your energy and distresses the mind. Especially if you work in the city. Even a decent city park will block out some of the sounds of city life, such as cars and people. Try taking a break from work to wander through nature instead of going to a cafe or doing shopping.

Walking or Bike Riding:

Exercise has long been known and studies as the ultimate resolution to relieving stress from the mind and the body. As oxygen circulates throughout the body and fresh blood starts to work through tension to reduce any pain or nervous system issues, the body begins to relax and unwind naturally. It’s always a great way to get outdoors and be in nature as well, away from technology, which no doubt is causing a lot of stress in your life without you even knowing it.

Laugh More:

Spend some time with a friend or a family member who makes you laugh a lot. Or go watch a comedy act. Of course, if you have some COVID restrictions still in play, then watch a funny movie. Something you know is going to make you laugh – a lot. If you are still locked indoors from restrictions, try setting up a zoom with a bunch of friends or some family, and then share the movie so you can all watch it together and laugh together. The best stress relief – laughing with friends and family.

Try Conscious Breathing – Yoga Breathing:

This is the fastest way to reduce stress in the body. When you slow the breath down and focus on the in and out rhythm of breathing, the slow flow of oxygen throughout the body alleviates high levels of anxiety and stress, by clearing the mind and slowing down the heartbeat. Also good for people with high blood pressure. Sit in a comfortable position either laying down or sitting and then close your eyes. Play some music if you need help clearing your thoughts. Take a long breath in through the nose starting from the lower abdomen, almost like your stomach is a balloon inflating. Move the air right up through the body into the chest. Try doing this for the count of four, and then slowly release the air through the nose, starting from your chest and then moving the air down back to the abdomen as if you are deflating a balloon.

Acupressure of Acupuncture:

Acupressure can be done on your own body at home. There are loads of tutorials online instructing you on how to use your own fingers to apply pressure on certain point around the body to help relief headaches, tension, stress and anxiety. Otherwise, if you have built up stress and need some major release, then book yourself in for an appointment with an acupuncturist, who can help treat those concerns for you and trigger a state of restfulness for the body.

Get Creative and Do Some Arts and Crafts:

Not for everyone, but some like to get creative and use this an outlet to help alleviate high stress. Being creative can help take your mind off every day life stresses. I find when I am very stressed out, I struggle to write. However, I do find it really easy to paint, draw, make lip balms, or anything else I can think of. So, depending on how you cope with stress, find an outlet to help you reduce it and use it to guide you into a happier place.

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