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A Little Self-Care Goes a Long Way

Self-care comes in many forms. From beauty to lifestyle, there are so many ways you can take care of yourself with a little self-care.

If we have learned anything from self-isolation and lockdown during a global pandemic (is anyone else a little tired of this topic LOL), is that self-care is vital to maintaining mental health, physical health and even skin health.

I have already written loads about different types of skincare, beauty and spiritual lifestyle hacks in the space of self-care, but I have never really touched too much on other avenues you can take which are still in the space of self-care and wellbeing.

But often shoved to the side and replaced with more spiritual awareness types of self-care techniques, like yoga and mediation, or baths and beauty.

So instead of writing about beauty, which I normally reserve for Friday. I wanted to talk about some books I have been reading which can also help give you a little self-care and boost overall health and wellbeing.

In the digital age, reading often get sidelined for digital media platforms.

And, I know a lot of you will raise your hands and state you still read online, using digital books tin a variety of different tablets and smart devices. But let’s be honest, reading digitally really isn’t giving your brain the rest it needs from digital technology now is it?

Reading a newspaper, magazine or book really does provide the rest your brain needs fro the digital space we are constantly consuming our minds with.

I love the smell of books, and I I’ve always dreamt of having my own personal library one day.

Or at least a reading room where I’d fill a variety of different bookshelves with nothing but books, a cute little reading nook, perhaps a drink table and a coffee machine. Somewhere I could hide away with my books and escape reality – yes, that include the digital reality also.

To help you achieve a little wellness through the reading self-care space, here are several books to help get you get started. New flash: some of these stories are not new either.

The Great Gatsby: This is the perfect pick me up story to read and though I normally like reading stories like this one in the winter months, it is also a very inspiring story at the beginning of Spring (which is where we are at here in Australia).

The story weaves through a variety of thrilling escapades featuring summertime soirees from the 1920s, which will get you motivated for the warmer months where cocktails are the order of the day.

Pride and Prejudice: Ahh what a classic this story is. And let’s be honest, a little dose of Mr Darcy every once in a while never hurt anyone. Am I right?

This story is such a classic and is perfect for those days (or nights) when you don’t feel like going anywhere and want to stay in bed. This story is such a classic romance of hidden love and passion, friends and family.

Little Women: This is the story which influenced my journey to wanting to become a writer. I was intrigued by the idea of female writers and the history associated with it. Which inspired me from a young age to be a writer.

This is a heartwarming read of a family of women, following their individual life stories of love adventure. It will have you both smiling and crying.

Anne of Green Gables: Though I didn’t read the story until I was a little older, I did grow up watching a very old television show which was adapted from this book, and owned a cabbage patch doll with orange plaited pigtails, named Anne.

Although a tale written for children, the story is also a great read for adults and is about an orphan (Anne) who was mistakingly adopted to a family, when another child was supposed to be chosen. But don’t worry, it’s a happy read of adventure and laughter.

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