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How to Be At Your Happiest When You’re Alone

Being alone should not be confused with being lonely, and there are many reasons why you should focus on ways of being comfortable being alone.

As discussed on Monday, and continuing on from the same discussion, being alone and feeling lonely are too different things. And in these uncertain and strange times, we should all start focusing on ways of adjusting to the idea that at times we will be alone, as the world goes through the motions of dealing with the pandemic.

Being alone and being comfortable with it can be incredibly rewarding, if you know how to use the time right, focusing on the serenity of being alone, rather the idea that you might be lonely.

Because the fact is, you are not alone, we are all in this together, going through the same motions and dealing with the same possible anxiety and frustration as the next person, the next and the next, and the one after that.

So, adjusting to the idea that you can use that time of being alone (not lonely) to make your own personal changes, means that you will get something more out of that time being alone.

A close friend of mine used all the time he had alone during lockdown and the ongoing weirdness of social distancing to finish writing a fiction novel, which has been sitting in his cupboard for too long.

Another friend of mine, finally finished her studies. And another one launched a beauty brand (successfully), as she had all the time in the world to do it, when she had no working hours and was stuck at home for long periods of time.

Being alone, should give you the space and serenity you need for yourself to discover what it is you want out of life. With the slowing down of society, a reduction in working hours and social activities, there really is no time like no to start focusing on how to be happy alone and how to make the most of that time being alone.

Because, before you know it, when summer hits and the COVID pandemic starts to slow and dissipate, you will regret all that time alone was wasted on overwhelming your state of mind, being stressed and worried that you were lonely.

When the quiet is no longer quiet and time begins to be hard to find, as the days get filled with events, meetings and then some, returning to an almost normality to what life was like before COVID – then you will realise that you should have used all that time alone to finally achieve that goal, that dream you have always wanted to achieve.

And it could be anything really. It could be to achieve your fitness goals. Finally start yoga and become flexibility and centred. Clean out the wardrobe or paint the house.

It doesn’t always have to be an achievement of business and money. Often the smallest things in life which bring you happiness and a sense of complexion can also provide you with a feeling of success, as though you finally achieved something, you have never had time previously to do.

Write a list of what you want to do with all your time alone and start checking it off.

If it is for a business idea or perhaps the creation of a products – now is the time to get it done. Work out what you need to do, watch a tutorial or two. Perhaps enrol into an online class which can help you achieve it too. Either way, you need to move now. Because before you know it, you will no be alone and you will no longer have the time to get done what you have always dreamed about.

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