Christmas Decorating: Seeking Inspiration from Pinterest

This year, I wanted to go a little woodsy for my Christmas Decor, without having to spend too much money at the shops.

So, as always, I took to Pinterest for a little inspiration to help me with how I could decorate my own home and how to achieve a woodsy look. Of course, my theme ended up being a little more country woodsy then woodland woodsy.

I’ll publish those pics next Wednesday for you to see how my decorating ended up. However, I am pretty happy with the theme I chose this year. Even if it didn’t end up being as woodland as I had hoped.

Woodland in Australia can be a little challenging to adopts, especially if you don’t want to spend any money LOL. There are a variety of places around town who do sell some really nice woodland liked themes Christmas decor.

It really was difficult to find the right type of pine. I felt the fake pine products available looked a little too false for my liking. Gee I wish I had a pine tree out the back so I could use the foliage for my decorating.

I did struggle keeping to the green though, and found that I had a lot of red. This is why I opted for a more country woody look, rather than a complete woodland look, which was a little easier for me to pull off without spending too much time at the shops and spending too much money.

But before I chat about or even share with you, my pics of how my decorating ended up this year for my Christmas country woody theme. I wanted to share with you my fave pics from Pinterest, all of which channel the woodland theme and of course, help guide me to adopt a similar design style for this year’s Christmas decor.

How do you find inspiration for your decorating ideas? Doing you get them from online too. I’d love to hear how you get into the festive vibe for Christmas each year.

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