Christmas Decor – How I Decorated My Home

Wanting to adopt a woodsy theme for Christmas this year, I took to Pinterest for a little decorating inspiration to see how to channel by woodsy vibes.

I wasn’t entirely successful – to a point. As I was trying to work with what I already had, so not to go out and spend too much money. I ended up with more of a country woody theme for my decor. Which I am fairly happy about in the end anyway. And IKEA was a life saver as they do sell some very cute little woodsy decor for Christmas.

My fave are their red robins, which they sell every year, and every year I forget to buy them. Not this year though. I remembered and managed to get them before they all sold out.

The woodland theme was a little challenging, as a lot of product is not available here, especially when it comes to sourcing the best pine cones and pine trees. Or even pine themed garland of sorts. Of course, I have to remind myself we live in the souther hemisphere. So Christmas here is about palm trees, lots of sunshine, swimming in the pool and even plants covered in beautiful flowers. Don’t forget the ice-cream.

Unlike the north, where it’s already snowing in some parts, and pine trees are everywhere. Fireplaces are going and mulled wine is on the menu.

I’d love to start growing my own pine trees, so I can create real-life wreaths and garland for new year for decorating. But then, I love plants so much, I probably wouldn’t want to cut any of the pine off the trees anyways HAHA.

With plans to absolutely adopt a proper woodland theme next year for 2021, I will spend the year working towards stock piling a few units and pieces I see online throughout the year to help me create the best woodland theme possible for Christmas next year.

In the meantime, I will be satisfied with how my Christmas decorating turned out. Make sure you are following my instagram, as I will be posting images here and there of all these beautiful decor ideas at night when the lights are on. You can’t see in the day, but I have decorated all of my decor with mini Christmas lights, to make it extra festive at night.

Here’s how all my country woody decorating turned out:

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