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6 Ways To Enjoy Autumn Whilst You’re in Isolation During COVID-19

Here is how I will be getting cosy to enjoy one of the most popular seasons around the world – Autumn whilst in isolation.

Ahh! Autumn has finally arrived in Sydney, and it’s about time too. In was you hadn’t noticed, Autumn is my favourite season. From the change of the weather from hot to cold, to the changing of the leaves and more rain on the horizon.

I love how even the birds sing differently, my cat wants to snuggle more and drinking a hot chocolate every night is acceptable. Okay, so drinking a hot chocolate every night is always acceptable, though having it in Summer is just not the same as having it when the weather is cold outside and the house is warm and cosy inside.

Although it did take a while and a lot of us weren’t sure it wouldn’t ever come around. Autumn has finally arrived and I’m sure I can speak for most in saying – thank goodness it’s here.

Although it did take a while and a lot of us weren’t sure it wouldn’t ever come around. Autumn has finally arrived and I’m sure I can speak for most in saying – thank goodness it’s here.

Aussie summer’s; as much as we love them, are one of the hardest seasons to deal with here. Sure the sunny days every day are amazing, and I certainly don’t want to sound like I am complaining about sunny days, when other countries hardly see the sun all year.

But, when you have endured at least six or eight months of nothing but heat, there is nothing greater than waking up to the crisp fresh air of Autumn. I love it.

Of course this blog is only going to appeal to those of you down here floating around in the Southern Hemisphere, as Summer is just around the corner for all of you in the north. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few inspirational ideas I have on ways to celebrate Autumn, so you can be ready for when your Autumn (or Fall) season comes back around.

how to celebrate autumn in sydney

Go Candle Shopping:

This one can be slightly challenging, and in-fact I often do my Autumn inspired candle shopping in the Spring time the year before, as a lot of my favourite candle scents are from Bath and Body Works; an American brand, which of course are currently selling their beautiful Spring range.

If you head to Myer and Dusk though, they are selling some beautiful scents right now which are lovely for Autumn. And if you’re on a budget, make sure to swing past Target and Kmart, as they too are selling a beautiful chai inspired range of candles for Autumn.

Note: some shops are still trading during COVID-19, so you may need to shop online at the moment.

Experiment with Hot Chocolates:

Now is the time to get creative with your hot chocolates. I love mixing in masala and chai spices in with my hot chocolates and play around with either using my espresso machine for the hot milk, or bowling the lot in a saucepan with a few squares (okay maybe more than a few) of dark chocolate to create a rich and creamy hot chocolate texture – yum.

Depending whether you like your hot chocolate smooth and creamy, or nice and frothy, will determine how you experiment in making the best one ever. I like either, but do favour using melted chocolate for my hot chocolate for a rich texture.

Explore a Park:

Find a park where there are deciduous trees. These are trees which change their leaves in Autumn and then eventually drop them off for Winter, to start new and green in Spring again. Evergreen are the trees which forever stay green.

Although there are a few restrictions in place from COVID-19, many parks are open and you are allowed to take a walk in one, as long as you stay within the restrictions. Take the camera and wear a nice Autumn outfit. If you need content for social media, this is the perfect time to capture it, playing in the Autumn leaves.

Get Creative:

Despite the fact that isolation is now driving us all a little bit crazy and most of us have baked the shot out of every recipe we know and have probably painted, sewed, built and done any other art or craft imaginable to entertain ourselves, I always enjoy using Autumn as my inspiration to get creative.

This could be anything from taking up a new hobby like knitting to maybe sorting some of your favourite photos from previous holidays and making special holiday photo books – which can often be created online and then they send out to you done. Use the time in isolation and the darker evenings to switch off the social media and television and get creative.

Start a Blog:

You may have already done this seeing as you have been stuck in isolation for so long. If you haven’t now is a great time to start jotting down all of your thoughts and feeling, with a side serving of inspiration things you have found throughout your isolation, which have helped you get through it all.

Blogs are a great way of keeping a record of everything you have gone through and the whole blogging community are real supportive too. I have meet some amazing people on my blogging journey and made some great friends also.

Restyle a Part of the House:

Whether you are renting, living with family or have a house, use this time to channel your inner autumn vibes and create an inspiration space of which channels the most vibrant and warming palettes season of the year.

I love using this time of the year as a way of redecorating my bedroom, choosing an autumn inspired colour palette of reds, orange, greens and yellows to create a nice space to cosy up into at night. This can also include adding some greenery with indoor plants in beautiful Autumn pots, and bedding which screams Autumn leaves LOL.

Although I have been in isolation for a while now (much like the rest of you), I haven’t had the chance yet to restyle the bedroom this year. So this will be my aim this weekend.

I will posting an update of how I redesigned my bedroom using Autumn as inspiration this weekend, so make sure you follow me.

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