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Why I Love Exploring the UK and Why I Can’t Wait to Get Back There

Filled with so many great locations, it’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with the English countryside.

I have only been to England a handful of times, but no matter how short my stay is there, this fabulous country never ceases to amaze me, with so many places to visit and so many exciting location waiting to be explored. I could honestly spend a year there, travelling through the countryside making sire to visit as much as possible.

My first ever visit to the UK was a short two weeks, my second was another two short weeks. This was then followed by a month with my partner, and then I went back the next year after to go for another two weeks. Each time is just not enough.

Whether you are a city tourist, a beach tourist, or a country dwelling tourist, there is a travel flavour to suit almost anyones desires when in the UK. And although I favour being more of a country dwelling tourist, with a taste for medieval castles, even the beeches (thought you hardly ever swim there) are simply beautiful and a must to visit when touring across the UK.

I consider myself to me a more off the road type of gal when it comes to travelling. I do this so not to miss out on anything, as I feel when touring on buses and being restricted within cities or small towns without a car, you miss out on all the good stuff, and that’s where the real adventures await.

Going off road means I have visited some pretty incredible places, like Stoke on Trent, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, Holy Island (Lindasfarne), Carlisle and as far up as Scotland, exploring the highlands, including Inverness. Ive even searched for the Lochness Monster at the famous Loch.

The UK is a stunning place of wonder and mystery, with ancient castle laying in wait upon green grassy hills and abandoned monasteries silent praying in the hopes the monks will return. What I found most incredible, was that most of these fabulous places to explore are sitting on the farmlands of many residents and farmers. They leave there gates open to the public, so you can enter their property and explore their most incredible gems of history sitting quietly on their lands.

How amazing is that. No fee, just welcome to come and explore, with a small wave and smile to the land owner as you drive past. Incredible. And Ireland is much the same.

Though many iconic castles are managed by the UK society of history, meaning you do have to pay to enter, there are so many around every corner just waiting to be explored either for free or with a small gold coin donation. If you love that kind of thing (which yes I absolutely do), then you’ll see why I feel in love with the UK, and I have no doubt you will too.

With plans to visit the UK for Christmas to see family in 2020, I was of course devastated when COVID-19 happened (as was the rest of the world of course). With those hopes of getting back to the country I do so love being taken from me, I eventually came to terms with the idea that I would miss yet again another Christmas with my family.

Of course, I completely respect and understand why the laws are being put into place, and why borders for now must stay closed to International travel; especially with fresh new outbreaks of the virus now appearing in northern China, it makes sense to keep my beautiful home country of Australia (and other countries) safe to prevent the spread from getting any worse.

Though there is a rumour the restrictions and border lockdowns many possibly be lifted by December, and my hopes of seeing the family for Christmas will again become a reality…. If not for Christmas, then January will be a good second base, to finally book my ticket and back to the country I do so love.

Where will I go this time around?

I have Brighton, Southhampton, Exeter, Bristol and Wales on the agenda.


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