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Beauty Talks: My Skincare Routine from Monday to Friday

I get asked a lot on how I manage my skincare routine from Monday to Friday, with a busy schedule. So, this week I’m sharing my weekly routine.

Welcome to my new beauty talks series of blogs, where every Friday I will dedicate a story on either sharing my beauty hacks, my favourite beauty products for the month; because yes I do change them monthly, to stories on my journey making vegan lip balms and so much more (which I haven’t really thought of yet LOL).

This week, I am starting the series with my weekly skincare routine.

Like most women who live in a big city, spare time can be hard to come by and I’m okay to admit to you all, I spent most of my spare time either at yoga, doing house chores or sleeping. Can I get a hell yeah from all those who feel me.

Finding enough time to pamper myself is hard to come by, as more often than not when I do have spare time and I am ready to get started on the pampering, I am just too darn tied to do anything and would much rather have a quick shower, play with the cat and then go to bed.

Over the last year, I found myself; having had less and less time to pamper myself, discovering that it actually isn’t the time that the problem, when it comes to skincare. But, rather it’s the products being used instead.

So, over the last 6 months I spent some considerable amount of time focusing on what types of products I have been using, which products delivers what I need in half the time and of course which products can I seriously do without and all without putting my skin at risk.

I learned, a serious cleanser, facial serum and oil, eye cream and moisturiser were essentially the only key products needed to keep my skin looking at its best. Oh some good face masks to boot also.

Of course depending on your skin type, some of the products I recommend here in this blog may or my not suit you. My skin is oily combination; which means it is oily most days, but super dry and blemishes right after my cycle. So, products containing a lot of natural detoxing elements, oil balance and rich vitamins are the best for my skin type, to help heal blemishes, keep skin hydrated as well as balancing my oily issues and vitamins to combat all those nasty environmental issues; like UV rays and pollution.

From Monday to Friday, this is my daily routine for both morning and night:

1. Use Biore Charcoal infused Micellar Water to wipe off all my makeup and dirt

2. Wash face with a good solid cleanser, I am using a gel one at the moment by Glow Lab

3. Use a rich antioxidant, vitamin-based face serum, like Essano’s Superfood Turmeric Radiance Super Serum

4. Sometimes, depending if my skin is having a dry spell or not, I will apply another serum here. You can use multiple serums, as they are always water-based. I am doubling up with a rich moisture serum by DMK at the moment.

5. Apply a face oil. Yes, even for oily skin. Don’t underestimate a good skin oil, even for oily skin types. They help to nourish and protect the skin. I usually obsess over the new Youth to The People Acai Berry Face Oil. However, I am currently using a Vitamin C face oil by Natural Instincts at the moment.

6. Apply moisturiser. I change moisturiser every month, or at lease one has run out and I just move onto another. I don’t think I have used the same one in the last 8 months to be honest. Although I do have my favourites, at the moment I am trialling out the Hungarian Thermal Water moisturiser by Peter Thomas Roth (LOVE IT) and at night I am using Organic Nation’s Absolute Night Cream; which is heavy enough for night, but not too greasy where you feel like you are wearing a mask.

All these products are rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which means I can use them daily without feeling stressed my skin hasn’t had any pampering or without the risk that my skin is missing on anything needed to keep it well protected in the day and well kept at night.

I do exfoliate three times a week, which is normally on a Monday, a Wednesday and a Friday. I chose these days, as Monday I want nice fresh skin for the week, but by Wednesday after wearing makeup I’m all clogged and need a good clean and then Fridays – well that’s a no brainer, we all want clear and fresh skin for the weekend right. Especially if we are tanning up.

If you want to use a mask, I highly recommend the best time to do this is right after you exfoliate. I do it right before bed, as I know I have at least fifteen minutes of downtime drinking a cup of tea before crashing out. Common girls, you know you can make that fifteen minutes work at least once a week.

Clay masks are the best for detoxing the skin and controlling oil, activated charcoal (especially the bubbly foaming types) are best for clearing out the pores and try to fit in a collagen mask once a week to keep skin looking youthful.

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  • Kaye

    Hi! What order do you exfoliate your skin? And do you have to wash your skin after exfoliating? Thank you

    • travelbugofficial

      Hello, thanks for the message. I always cleanse twice first to ensure I have removed any excess dirt and grime off the skin. This makes it easier to exfoliate away dead skin cells. And yes, most exfoliating products do you require you wash off your face after it has done its job. However, there are some liquid exfoliants available in toners and serums designed to work throughout the day and night and don’t need to be washed off at all. I hope this helps. All the best.

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