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Exploring Tenerife: 4 Things To Do There

The island of Tenerife boasts many secrets, here are my favourite four things to do there.

Located in the Canary Island, Tenerife is one of seven islands there and each one hold a variety of interesting secrets and amazing wonders to be explored.

From World War II Nazi Bunkers, legends of secret underground Nazi submarine bases to ancient step pyramids and so much more. It’s no wonder millions of tourists flock there yearly to bathe in the sun, shop in the villages and emerse themselves in the culture.

I have only spent time on the island of Tenerife, here are my top four things to do there:

Guimar Pyramids

These are some of the oldest pyramids on the planet and closely related to the ones which were built across South America. Built from volcanic lava stones, and without the use of any mortar, there are approximately six pyramids in total which make up the Guimar Pyramids. Located in the town of Guimar in the region of Chacona, these pyramids are a must to add to your Tenerife Itinerary. Click here to read my previous story on the pyramids.

Guimar Pyramids of Tenerife

Teide Mountain Volcano

The drive from anywhere along the coastline to Teide Mountain National Park region is so spectacular, even if you have no interest in catching the cable car up to the top of the mountain where the volcano site, the national park is filled so many great sites to explore and enjoy. If you are prepared to make the trip, click here to read my story on how to get there and what to expect when you do. Oh and wear something warm. More often then not, there is snow up the top.

Teide mountain volcano

Loro Parque

According to Trip Advisor, Loro Parque has been rated the best zoo in the world. And there is no wonder why. This zoo is incredible. What started out to be a bird sanctuary, the park now houses some of the most exotic animals in the world. Although they do still specialise in rehabilitating birds from across the world, through successful breeding programs, the zoo has branched out to help with the protection, education and potentially breeding of other animals, such as tigers, gorillas and many sea life animals. Click here to read my story on the zoo.

Tenerife Zoo

Siam Park

Truth be told, I haven’t actually gone to Siam Park. I’ve only seen it from the outside. But what a site that was. I am not a massive fun park or water park person, never having too much interest in rides. However, if the park had been opened, I most definitely would have gone to rest it out. As I was travelling outside of the holiday season (February), the park was closed. Which is a shame, as it has been rated one of the best and it certainly looked like it from the outside.

exploring tenerife

Apart from these top four things I have chosen as my go to things to do in Tenerife, for those seeking a less adventurous and more relaxed idea of enjoying the island, a simple walk throughout many of it’s great towns is just as rewarding as anything.

The Spanish influenced vibes of food and architecture in Tenerife, Santa Cruz and other coastal towns is beautiful and nothing beats a stunning jewelled sunset of orange and yellow sparkling across blue waters, as you sit on a waterside restaurant eating seafood paella with a good bottle of wine.

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