Where to See the Best Christmas Lights in Sydney

There is only one place you are going to want to visit this year. The Hills Song Church of Castle Hill

First a disclaimer, I am not a member of Hills Song – not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just want to make that very clear.

Last weekend, I came up with an idea to head to my old neighbourhood of Castle Hill after dinner, for a late night hot chocolate and a stroll through the newly finished Metro which has been decked out with cool inflatable Christmas decorations, lit up with festive colours for the season.

Castle Hill can be super congested at the best of times, with only three main roads to get you in and out of the area, so visiting after dinner is a good time to go. It’s still busy, as the night life there is pretty awesome for a north western inner suburb.

With a major hub of clubs and restaurants, great people who are super friendly and happy (most of the time) and plenty of choices to spend your Saturday evening doing something interesting, instating of always heading to the city, Castle Hill does have a lot to offer and I do miss living there at times.

Sorry, I got sidetracked. What was I saying? Oh yeah, Castle Hill can get pretty busy most of the time. And don’t get me started on the traffic. So, a visit after dinner was the perfect option for us on a Saturday evening. As the roads were quiet and the restaurant crowds were manageable. Oh and the rain was also keeping a lot of people at bay as well.

Whilst sitting down with a nice hot chocolate, I decided to do a little google search on what other Christmas lights were on display in the areas, seeing as we had made the effort to drive out all the way to Castle Hill.

I found a little blog from someone who was sharing locations around the Hills areas of all the best Christmas lights to go to. They made mention to take a drive through a tunnel of fairy lights at the grounds of The Hills Song Church of the Norwest Business Park. We figured why not go and check it out. There weren’t many photos online to show what it was, so imagine what our faces look liked when we approached The Hills Song and saw exactly what was on there.


Finally someone in Sydney got it right with the Christmas lights and festive vibes.

Every year, I get serious envy when I see the incredible festive display of lights all around the world. Though I would like to give some credit to some places such as St Mary’s Cathedral, Government House and other varying places like David Jones, who alway do out on some sort of great Christmas display of lights and decorations every year. Especially St Mary’s Cathedral, Government House and other varying duding across the Rocks area. And we do have a fabulous Christmas tree also, at both Martin Place and sitting on top of our Town Hall.

But I do feel we are missing something – you know that feeling you get of Christmas magic in the air. And with so many great locations across Sydney, which would look absolutely amazing decked out in lights, it makes me sad Sydney doesn’t do anything with it and go next level with their Christmas displays.

And after the year we have had in 2020, we absolutely needed it to spread a little love and joy.

Again, I am steering off main topic, but I wanted to paint a picture of how I feel every Christmas, and why when I drove around the corner and into the driveway of Hills Song, how awe struck I was at the 2020 lights display. I won’t say anymore, just check out the pics below and you’ll see what I mean.

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