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Breakfast at the Tea House in Camellia Gardens

We found a hidden gem in the Sutherland Shire, near Taren Point. It’s called the Camellia Gardens.

It started as a casual morning. I needed to make some Christmas present drops to a few people around the Sutherland Shire region (south east of Sydney). As the Christmas rush had settled in already, I hadn’t had a chance to have breakfast, so figured I could look up somewhere to eat around the area, as I am not from there, I don’t a lot of places to eat.

I managed to entice my partner to come for the drive to do present drop offs, with a free breakfast (shouted by me LOL. So I needed to do a quick google search on the area for a nice quiet place to have breakfast.

It didn’t take long and I found the Tea House at Camellia Gardens, which sounded wonderful and ideal. Quiet, off the main road and away from the crazy Christmas rush.

What we didn’t expect, is how wonderful the gardens were. Yes the cafe there was equally as lovely, great food, awesome service, and surrounded by natural wildlife and the beautiful gardens. It was the gardens which really took us by surprise when we arrived.

They are huge, and had clearly been there for a really long time. Well established with a beautiful river running right through the centre. The gardens were filled with natural wildlife, from ducks to native birds, lizards and so much more. It was such a treat to find this place, so after breakfast, we opted to spend a few hours taking a stroll to explore the grounds.

We came across blue tongue lizards sun baking on rocks, baby ducklings learning to fly and swim with their parents, a beautiful goanna came to greet us as we walked by the river, and plenty of other ducks all waddled behind us, in the hopes we would give them food.

Sorry guys, we didn’t have anything to give. However, there were loads of other people around handing out bread, which was lovely to see.

The gardens actually turned 50 back in June 2020, which is incredible. Though the gardens are probably very well known to the locals, I had never heard about them. And it was a stark reminder of how many hidden gems we have in Sydney, unbeknown to most residents.

Even though I am not from the shire, I do spend a bit of time there, as I know a lot of people in the area and have friends there. So I was really surprised to discover the gardens, and so happy I got to spend a few hours there.

The Tea House cafe is ideal for grandmothers and specials girls days out too, as they specialise in High Tea. But you do have to book for those experiences so they can cater for the numbers and the food needed. We were lucky they had a spot for two when we got there, as they were flat out, with so many Christmas parties. The food was yummy and they do cater for special dietary needs too. Such as vegan and gluten free. Though the selection is a little limited, I was able to easily make up a gluten free breakfast with them, which tasted absolutely delicious.

These gardens are the perfect spot for an easy day out with the family. Or grab the BFF and head over to the tea house for a nice Devonshire tea and then a stroll through the gardens. You’ll forget you are in Sydney, simply lovely.

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