The Rocks Lantern Ghost Tour, Sydney

It’s time to get spooky. Halloween is finally here, so to celebrate the scariest month of the year, we went on two ghost tours.

Last weekend we went on a ghost tour of The Rocks in Sydney and this weekend, on all Hallow’s Eve we will taking a ghost tour of the old Parramatta Goal in Sydney’s west.

The scene was set for the Lantern Ghost Tour of The Rocks, as the weather had turned terrible. Thunder and lightening and a hell of a lotta rain. But I absolutely loved it. And the weather man is predicting this weather will stay all week, right up until past Halloween.

Nothing is greater than taking a ghost tour, listening to the heavy rain, the light rumble of thunder and the occasional crack of thunder in the distance.

Okay, so it was a little awkward being stuck in the rain, wearing heavy ponchos, trying not to catch a cold, whilst being led all around The Rocks, hearing tales of the dead and listening out for any ghostly activity.

We didn’t see anything ghostly, but the stories of the past were ghostly enough. We also took our nephew with us, so took the 8pm tour, as the later tours were WAY too late to take a ten year old around the city at night.

He of course had a blast, we all did. It was such a great tour.

The Rocks has always been my fave part of Sydney city, as it has maintained most of the original buildings in the area. Original doors, walls and houses. Even the original cobblestone walkways are all original.

And when it rains, there is something so ethereal about the city as the lights twinkle in the rain, adding to the whole atmosphere of a spooky ghost tour.

I won’t ruin the tour by telling you the tales of what we heard, but I will confirm with you that the places we are visited were the most haunted in the area. Except you have to return very late at night, when the streets are quiet and no one is in sight.

Because ghosts of course don’t want to be out when everyone else is out.

The tour was full with a nice number of nineteen people, but the city was so quiet and hardly anyone was about. Which was fabulous. The rain no doubt kept a lot of people at home. However, I did notice a lot of bars and restaurants were not open and trading, most likely due to COVID. This of course just added to the atmosphere even more, as the cobblestone streets were quiet and Erie in the rain.

It’s probably the first ghost tour I didn’t experience anything, but I was happy for that. Especially as we had our nephew in our care, and he was occasionally spooked by some of the stories. So, I’m glad it was a nice quiet night with no spooky paranormal activity.

We safely returned him back to his parents, no bad dreams to follow.

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